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Correct Tires Size for 1970 XKE

Peter Urbanski
Jaguar Association of New England *

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I may be purchasing a 1970 XKE roadster in the next week or two. What is the correct or best tire size for this car? Any brands that you folks recommend or to stay away from? This car has its original wire wheels and I know that inner tubes will be needed. Anything I need to know about purchasing them or what to tell the people who are doing the installation? Is it possible to put tires on the original rims without inner tubes?

Correct Tires Size for 1970 XKE

William Brady
Jaguar Owners Club, Inc. *

forum user since 2004-02-15


215 70 15's work well, at about 24 Front 20 rear pressures, you need tubes. Jaguar affectionado and etc.

Correct Tires Size for 1970 XKE

mick dipple
Suncoast Jaguar Club *

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Hi ,Why do you need tubes Is it because of the wire wheels, Thankyou Mick Yea baby, Behave.

Correct Tires Size for 1970 XKE

John Walker
Jaguar Club of Florida *

forum user since 2006-08-28


Yes, the stock wire wheels are not sealed for tubeless tires. The iar woule escape where the nipples pass through the rim. You need tubes, be sure to buy quality tubes and also you need the rubber strip that goes between the nipple ends and the tube. Otherwise you will most likely have premature tube failure.

Best Regards, John

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