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Jaguar 420 and other rare British cars.

Jeannette C

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Website (non-commercial) devoted to the Jaguar 420 and the interest in other rare British cars from the pages of history. Seeking submissions from anyone with a 420 (sport saloon or 420G- pictures, experiences with the cars & resources for maintaining and restoring them.

Jeannette Compagnon

Jaguar 420 and other rare British cars.

Robert DesLauriers
Ottawa Jaguar Club *

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I own a 1966 420G that was been restored (10 yrs ago, body/interior). My car is listed for sale on the JCNA site which you have likely seen. You can see the pics. In recent years, I have had the engine rebuilt and multiple other regular maintenance. I have a supply of parts. What specific questions would you have on this model? I would be happy to try and respond.

Parts Jaguar MK X,420G,bumpers,grill,steering,chrome and fittings,windshield and many other parts.