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Seeking Classic Jags

George Camp
Jaguar Society of South Carolina *

forum user since 2002-11-24


WOW Jeannette not only have you violated the forum rules but you have advertised your web site with a picture of a completely non standard steering wheel. You did not post this in the ad classifieds section and you are not a member of JCNA and did not pay the petty amount we ask----strike three and do not be surprised when this is removed!


Re.: Seeking Classic Jags

Ginger Corda
Jaguar Club of Florida *

forum user since 2002-11-07


Edited on 2012-01-24 18:36:31

George is right, and the errant message has been removed from this forum.


Re.: Seeking Classic Jags

Jeannette C

forum user since 2011-03-12


Edited on 2012-04-06 9:33:46

I am surprised that you say I have violated "forum rules, as I had no intention to do so. I simply thought it would be interesting to create a website where others who enjoy these cars could contribute photos and share the interest. It is not a "commercial site," in any way, and no one benefits from its existence except other hobbyists. I did not post in Classifieds because the car is not for sale. In the Forum Rules it states that it is not necessary to be a member of the club, but to "register" on the site (was planning to join this Spring, and do not have a problem with the "petty fee"). I had the good intentions to help foster the interest in these cars, but I understand now that my efforts are not welcome. I would have appreciated an email and I would have happily removed the post, if it was not in keeping with your interests.

Jeannette Compagnon