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stanley g.lewis
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I have a 1998 Jag xj8, and I have an issue with the headliner sagging in the rear seating section of the car. I would appreciate any and all input on a simple, do it myself fix. I have the time and desire to tackle this project myself, I just want to do it correctly and in the easiest way. Thank You all in advance.

stan lewis
Harrison, Mi
1998 xj8


Ken Mabarak
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Stan - The headliner in my 99 XJ8 also developed a sag in the rear after I forgot to close the sunroof when going into a meeting. Yes, it rained during the meeting!!!!!

This is not a job for the faint of heart! My understanding is that the windshield needs to be removed in order to take out the backing board that the headliner material is glued to. The backing board is about the size of the entire ceiling, so it must be removed in order to get upholstered properly. Fortunately, at the time my pitted windshield needed replacement anyway.

If you're thinking of trying to spray some glue under the liner, it likely won't work since what is really happening is that the existing glue on the backing board is deteriorating, causing the separation.

My vote was, and is for you, take it to a auto collision repair shop and bit the bullet!


Ken M


Bill Pritchard
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I just did my 2004 XJ8 and the headliner must replaced. The windshield does not need to be removed. It cost $350.00 at a trim shop that specializes in high end imported cars. This his first series 350 XJ8 and he mentioned that older body style was easier to replace the headliner. I got a good deal.

Bill P

Bill Pritchard


David Orr
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Had same issue on '01 XJ8. As was suggested in an old listing... went to a frabric shop and purchase little twist hooks that are sold for holding couch covers in place. Not a prefect solution... but very cost effective... and no one has ever noticed the little buttons in three years.....

'01 XJ8