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Warning - Check your Resonator (rear muffler) for weld failure

David Orr
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Have '01 XJ8 with 65k miles. A year ago, right resonator weld failed 80% through, noticed it as the chrome exhaust tip started to tilt to one side. Had exhaust shop weld it up. Last weekend while on interstate the left resonator failed completely and it dropped to the pavement and torn the rear bumper and other damage. Last night while leaving a restrauant I notice another XJ8 in the parking lot with a tilted exhaust tip and again the exhaust pipe 80% cracked. Found the owner and gave him a heads up.

This appears to be a manufacturing weld process problem. Have other had the same problem?

'01 XJ8

Warning - Check your Resonator (rear muffler) for weld failure

Frank Lewis Baxter, Sr.
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Yes, I had the same problem with my 2000 XJ. Right side muffler weld broke entirely. Muffler was hanging by the hanger alone. I had a muffler shop weld the connection back but was informed that the pipe is very thin (especially at the connecting point) and might not hold for very long. The weld held up for almost a year when I notices my chrome tip tilted to one side. Took it back to the muffler shop and the guys welded two rods from the muffler body directly to the pipe. Solid welds...the muffler is not going anywhere now.

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