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Re.: 2001 S Type 4.0 Radiator Coolant - UPDATE

Scott W. Moseley

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I will have the radiator fluid flushed out and replaced with new coolant. I find the owner's manual calls for WSS-M97B44-D which is a Ford specification. The orange fluid. So, I find Motorcraft makes an
orange fluid that meets that spec and it's half the price of the OEM Jaguar fluid from the dealer. Anyone know if this is the same product?



1997 Jaguar XK8 Convertible
2001 Jaguar S Type 4.0


I used the motorcraft fluid which met the proper specification. However,
on my 1997 XK8 I did use the proper Jaguar fluid as I was unable to verify
the proper spec on aftermarket products.

2001 S Type 4.0 Radiator Coolant

Steven Petry
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All the same but the jug. Pour it to 'er!


S Petry
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