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S-Type, 4 L

Digby Clarke
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I have a 2000 year S-Type and she performs as requested, save for a new item. After paying out almost $1,000 to the local dealer no solution was found for what seems like a failing coil, as the engine misfires both at idle and speed. At idle, an rpm difference of about 50 rpm's, up and down.

Have any other S-Type owners experienced this?

Also, another undiscovered problem, and part of the $1,000 charge, was periodically, the engine will not turn over. Nothing happens. Pushing the shifter around a number of times in a brutal manner gets it going and there will be no problem for weeks. Then nadda.

Any suggestions with this issue? Digby in Victoria, BC.

2000 S-Type, Sea Foam

S-Type, 4 L

Steven Petry
Jaguar Association of Greater Indiana *

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We need more information. First, what was the $1000 for, what operations did they perform and what parts were used? What you describe would indicate likely on-plug ignition coil problems. If coils are starting to fail, the best course is to replace all 8. History shows if you don't, you'll just keep having misfire issues until you do. What are the miles/kilos on the odometer? If you are above 80,000/128,000km, spark plugs are probably in order.

What was done to address the no crank? Have you noticed whether the "P" [park] on the shifter was illuminated at the time it doesn't crank? Also, on the center of the dash at the base of the windscreen you'll notice a black dome. In that dome is a security LED. It will flash when the car is locked and armed. It also comes on when the key is turned on. Turn the key on and it should light steady for a few seconds, that says it is OK to start. If the LED flashes when the key is turned on, something is not right in the security system and it will not allow the engine to crank. When you turn the key to start and nothing happens, immediately look at the LED to see what it is doing. That will help figure out which system to investigate.

S Petry
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