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Tires for XJ8

Leonard Apcar

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I am in the hunt for new set of all-season, preferably low resistance tires for my 2001. I live near New York City where ice and snow are common.
I value a quiet ride and precise handling but am not overly worried about treadwear since annual mileage amounts to single digits a year.
The car has 16 inch wheels and has Pirelli P6000s on it now but the previous owner let them wear unevenly and i hear a whoop-whoop a speeds like 30 mph which I dearly want to eliminate.
I have recommendations for P6 all-weather plus, Michelin Primacy MXV4s but am interested in the view of Jag owners.
What tires do you like for these conditions? What speed rating for this size of car is best? I realize all weather tires present tradeoffs in wet/dry handling.
All thoughts welcome.
Thank you.


Carnival Red 2001 XJ-8