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JCNA HPDE set at Laguna Seca, March 1 and 2

Jerry Mouton
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Welcome to the first West Coast JCNA High Performance Driver's Education Event. It will be held March 1 and 2 at Laguna Seca, run by the excellent TracQuest organization. This is one of the most exciting courses in the country, and so you'll have to sign up as soon as possible to secure a slot.


TracQuest runs super events -- I have attended two, one at Laguna, one at Sears Point (now Infineon Raceway). The format is a driver's education event, and you are assigned an instructor for the day. The instructors I have had have both been friends, well known to me as excellent drivers. They are patient, friendly, and very knowledgeable. You can have as much or as little instruction as you like, and you can take laps with your instructor in their car, too if you like.

In addition to the track event, TracQuest's head Todd Serota is a true wine connoisseur, and puts on a superb banquet, including top rare wines, and last time, even the winemaker! (Turns out Todd traded some unobtainable cases of wine for a day at the track, everyone was happy!)

The banquet March 1 will be held in beautiful Monterey California's Fisherman's Wharf, in the DoubleTree Hotel. Quite a spot! And a great headquarters for spouses to plan shopping trips to Carmel, or Monterey Aquarium visits. This is not a raggedy track out at an airport, this is first class all the way! The banquet (for one) is included in the event price, and TracQuest has a very special rate on DoubleTree rooms -- $139 a night!

Laguna Seca is the home of the Monterey Historics, the premier Classic Race in the world. The track is very challenging with lots of elevation change, and the famous corkscrew you see so often on the cover of your favorite racing magazine. The event is instructional, not competitive. My experience is that these drivers -- often in precious Porsches or BMWs -- are very courteous and do not want to get their cars hurt -- or yours. The atmosphere is fun, safe, and well organized.

As an instructional event, no special preparation is required for your car -- no roll cage, no fire extinguishers. You'll just want to have good tread on quality tires, and lots of brake pad depth. I also recommend flushing your brake fluid with fresh, as the track is one of the toughest on brakes. No special clothing is required, either. Only a Snell M or SA helmet and a standard safe seatbelt. You'll need to provide a helmet, as few or none will be available to rent on site. A Snell-rated motorcycle helmet is available for under $100.00 in San Jose, probably elsewhere.

This will be like driving the road of your dreams in an environment where there are no speed limits and no police. You will naturally get to see other beautiful Jaguars, Porsches, BMWs, etc go by at speed -- either passing or being passed. Lots of good company, too. Everyone loves to see a Jaguar out on the track.

This is not just for race prepared cars. S-Types, X Types, XJ6s in street garb will all take on a new gleam in your hands on this famous course. I'll be there in my stock and very original 1964 E Type FHC.

Most important, PLEASE SIGN UP RIGHT AWAY! Todd is going to let me know when the beginner group gets close to full, but everyone wants to run at Laguna. The attached link to the TracQuest website will give you more information and let you register for the event. Please let me know if you sign up, so we can get together as the JCNA contingent at the banquet, and on track.

Please feel free to contact me or post on the forum with any questions you may heve.


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