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HPDE at Hallet Motor Racing Circuit

Linda Young
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JUNE 28-29

Ok, all you Mark Webber wannabes, here is your chance to drive your Jaguar on a race track and go as fast as you dare!

The Jaguar Club of Tulsa, with help, encouragement and co-operation of Mike and Connie Stephens, owners of Hallett Motor Racing Circuit will have their first High Performance Driving School. This event will include class room instruction, a drive around the track with an instructor riding with you and then an opportunity for you to take to the track yourself. There will be five sessions of on track time on Saturday. Feeling confident? You can take a passenger out on the track with you during the lunch time ride around behind the Hallett pace car.

While you can drive your car as fast as you dare, this is not a race. Passing will be allowed on designated straight-aways. You can drive your own car or you can rent a Stephens Brothers Racing School car. For information on rentals car Shane Stephens at (918)583-1135 or check the web site at www.hallettracing.com.
Here are the costs for this driving event:

Annual COMMA membership and license $35.00
High Speed Touring entry per day 75.00
TOTAL $110.00

A late fee of $10.00 per day is charged on applications received after June 26. The $35.00 license and membership fee is for one year so when we have our second HPDE day in October the cost will only be $75.00. A good reason to plan to attend both!

To get your application you MUST e-mail your request to Linda Young at mmra@gte.net or to Connie Stephens at commaracing@cox.net. Be sure to include your mailing address and/or fax number. An entry will be returned to you by the quickest method. You can also request an application by calling Linda Young at (918) 258-8320.

To make this an enjoyable day for everyone, Mike and Connie Stephens are going to provide a luncheon buffet for Jaguar Club participants and their families on the 3rd floor of the timing and scoring building. Spectators can sit in air conditioned comfort munching some nice goodies and watch as the Jaguar drivers try out their new found skills on the track.

If you have not been to the track for a few years or never been there, the Stephens’ have made a great many improvements to the facility. This includes garages, nice restrooms, picnic areas and a restaurant on the first floor of the timing and scoring building. For those with motor homes, parking with hook-ups is available and the gates will be open on Friday night until 10:00 p.m. for arrivals and gates open at 7:00 a.m on Saturday. The class room session for drivers starts at 10.00 a.m.

L D Young