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Road Atlanta HPDE

Lynn Cunningham
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Monday and Tuesday, June 2&3, was the first JCNA HPDE at Road Atlanta. As a novice at a track day this was a groundbreaking event for me and as such it certainly is a highlight in my automotive history. While having done track events previously in racing schools, this was the first time I had my own street car on a track. The organizer, Todd Serota of TracQuest, runs a tight event and made sure that everyone went home in the same condition that they arrived.

The emphasis of the two days was on Education. Instructors were available and anyone who wanted an instructor to ride with them had ample opportunity.

The Jaguar turnout was low, but Roy Cleaveland of the North Georgia Jaguar Club was on hand to see how things were run.

Things I did not do:
1. Damage my car.
2. Overheat the brakes.
3. Use more than 70% of the tach redline.
4. Get in anyone's way.

Things I did do:
1. Get as much track time as I wanted.
2. Drive quickly on a world class track.
3. Took advantage of professional instruction.
4. Had a heck of a great time.

As a bonus the author and vintage racer Burt Levy was in attendance working as an instructor and offering clinics for anyone interested. Burt was my instructor for part of the day, passing on driving skills with a liberal sprinkling of b.s. to keep it interesting.

Please attend a HPDE in your area, and encourage others to visit, observe, or participate.

Lynn Cunningham