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xj8 engine whirring noise

trudy addis
Central Coast Jaguar Drivers Club *

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My xj8 engine starting making a whirring noise for the first time today. It happens when it is first started and continues while the car is being driven. It has 150,000 miles with an engine rebuild at 88,000 miles.
Please enlighten me as to what it might be. Thanks

xj8 engine whirring noise

Steven Petry
Jaguar Association of Greater Indiana *

forum user since 2007-02-03


There are a few possibilities for the noise you describe. The two most likely are the serpentine drive belt or one of the pulleys. It is also possible for a failing alternator to make a low pitched whirring type noise, as well as the water pump if the bearings are worn.

Good luck!

S Petry
'95 XJR
'97 XK8 Conv.