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Parts list for 1994 XJS convertible

Douglas Duba

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I'm.a new old Jaguar owner, returning to the marque after many years away ... just purchased a 1994 XJS convertible, and am looking for a "parts manual" or the like in printed form to help in identifying specific parts needed. I've seen parts manuals for earlier XJS vehicles, but nothing for the "facelift" models.
Could somebody give me direction as to if such a manual exists, and also to reliable parts resources for the facelift XJSs? Right now I'm in need of a radio cassette cd controller, rear lenses, and a battery for the flashlight key ...
I'd certainly appreciate any assistance/advise offered!

I've also just posted a "parts wanted" ad on the site here ... Is it an effective resource?

1994 XJS convertible

Parts list for 1994 XJS convertible

George Camp
Jaguar Society of South Carolina *

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Douglas Coventry West has your manual on CD. Print form is rare. As far as posting for parts sure it works.