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Won't Start 2001 S Type 4.0L

Kent Szpak

forum user since 2009-03-04


My car sat for several months unused and the battery went bad. I replaced the battery with a new Interstate battery. Car turns over fine but won't fire or start up. Removed air filter box and sprayed in starter fluid and the car fires up and then stops. Did this several times. I believe I hear the fuel pump turning on when I turn the key. Did removing the battery activate some system that shuts the fuel system down? Is there some type of reset for this problem. Any ideas or remedies?

2003 S Type 4.0L

Won't Start 2001 S Type 4.0L

Art Dickenson

forum user since


Hi Kent,
go careful with the starter fluid, it can wash all the oil off the cylinder walls, I guess you have lots of fuel in the tank...not sure how long the newer fuel pumps last, gotta have fuel and spark, obviously you have spark and compression for it to fire on the other fluid. D.D. whats your best guess.Art

Won't Start 2001 S Type 4.0L

David Orr
Illinois Jaguar Club *

forum user since 2006-09-12


had same problem... have four cars... left '01 XJ8 sit for about six weeks. Had to crank it for a long time before it finally started.... almost gave up and was ready to have it towed...

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Won't Start 2001 S Type 4.0L

William Brady
Jaguar Owners Club, Inc. *

forum user since 2004-02-15


Art actually touched on what the problem most likely is ! These are the engines that had the nikasil cylinder liner problem, it seems that the bore finish becomes so smooth that it cannot hold the oil droplets very well,. therefore, if the car sits for any length of time "THERE IS NO OIL IN THE CYLINDERS" No oil, no vacuum, no start! When faced with this, we inject oil into the plug holes then start the car. If the car is driven regularly the problem will not present its-self!

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Won't Start 2001 S Type 4.0L

David G. Belanger
Jaguar Club of Houston *

forum user since 2007-10-30


I question MR Brady's response. I was told yby an independent Jaguar mechanic that none of the S_TYPEs sent to the US had Nicosil engines and my experience supports this. My 2000 S-TYPE has over 105K miles and has never exhibited any of the problems associated with the early V8's. (I did have the timing chain tensioners replaced when the valve covers were off to replace a leaking gasket) In any case I believe the Nicosil liners were gone by the 2001 model year.

Dave Belanger
Jaguar Club of Houston

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2001 S-TYPE 4.0
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Won't Start 2001 S Type 4.0L

Alan Barclay
Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwest *

forum user since 2008-08-26


I assume this problem has been resolved by now, but I had a similar issue with my 2000 V6. Turned out to be a bad fuel pump. The local Jag dealer had three or four cars with the same problem and a 4-6 week back-order wait for Jag parts, so it must be a common failure. We installed a generic pump and no more problems

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