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Lowering front suspension

Vars Smith
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Has anyone lowered the suspension ride height on a 1990 XJS coupe to improve cornering? I'm planning on upgrading the front and rear sway bars and figure that would be the right time to drop the ride height by 2"s or so. Thanks for input. Vars

Lowering front suspension

William Brady
Jaguar Owners Club, Inc. *

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On these cars the request is usually to raise the car as they have dropped so much already, most S's are so low that they continually brake the front fairings and scrape the suspension. Are you sure you want it LOWER?

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Lowering front suspension

Doug Dwyer
Jaguar Car Club of Victoria *

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The most common method is fabricating spacer blocks to fit between the spring pan and the lower control arm. Dropping the pan 3/8" yields a 1" height drop....something like that.

I'd do the bigger anti-roll bars first and then see if you want to go ahead with the lowered suspencion, personally. As William says, they're alrady pretty low for real world driving.


Doug Dwyer
Longview Washington USA
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