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Follow-Up to Neutral Safety Switch Saga!!!

James F Greene
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Gentlemen, thank you, especially George and Steven for your sound advice. Unfortunately, nothing was resoved with my on and off again safety switch.
My mechanic, not precisely a Jag mechanic, but, nevertheless quite a good one kept my car over night and started it more than 30 times during a 24 hour period. It never failed to start!! He also check the trans rotary switch (whatever that is) and the shift select cable and found nothing wrong. He didn't charge me and I drove the car home with the following game plan for lack of a better idea: I just ordered a new neutral safety switch from Jagbits. Once I get it I'll keep it in the car with the phone number of tow truck. When, not if, it fails to start, I'll leap into action and call the tow truck and have my mechanic directly install the new switch. Any suggestions??? Thanks, again for your help, Jim

1995 Jag xjs 6 cylinder