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Proposed new rule "25"

Steve Weinstein
Jaguar Touring Club *

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I was extremely surprised to find, among what otherwise seem like sensible modifications, a new proposed "Rule 25" that would allow the slalom course to be set up backwards. Doesn't make sense. Switch the start and finish boxes and run the course in the opposite direction? Why? I think I understand the explanation given -- some venues don't accommodate themselves to the standard course, and reverse set-up might -- but I still don't get it.

The point of having a closely defined course with very specific dimensions and angles, always run in the same direction, is to assure that all times nationally are comparable. I'm sure there are those who will say that it doesn't matter which way you go, it will all be the same as long as the dimensions are the same. Personally, if I showed up at a slalom only to find out that it was being run in the opposite direction, I'd be pissed, since the likelihood is that this will be done less frequently and thus would take some practice, and with only five runs, I and others who may have travelled a distance to try to do so could not turn a good time.

I for one, would oppose this change.

Steve Weinstein, JTC-NJ
'72 E-type 2+2
'89 XJS Coupe

Re.: Proposed new rule

Art Dickenson
Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group *

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no one seems to care about the ability to reverse the course in the interests of safety, or the increased ability to set up the course in a tricky location. Although the slalom Committee did approve it, but who and what do they know anyway. Some of us have dedicated hundreds of hours trying to explain things that have taken possibly years to learn on your own. The majority of AGMers go there and half the time they know not what they do, was it Jesus said that.
This whole National slalom competition is in fact not really totally perfect and representative of the true performance of any individuals, unless they compete head to head at the same track etc. Location of tracks is obviously another variable and is dependant on weather conditions , track surface grip etc etc. Of course everyone knows that who is really considering national status at the year end.
It is a bit of a science , and some times a bit of luck having the right conditions present themselves to you.
To be quite honest it is a waste of committee time if it all has to be ratified by the AGMers who know nothing near the JCNA Members who devote their times to discussing on and voting on the items under discussion.