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Wheel scrape repair

Ron Habermas
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Can anyone recommend a place that can repair a minor curb scrub on one of the alloy wheels on my 2010 XKR, in the Jacksonville, FL area? Would prefer a recommended source vs a name on the internet. Thanks,

Wheel scrape repair

Bill Pritchard
Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwest *

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I just had my wheels refinished through my Jaguar dealer in Plano, TX at a cost of $149.00 per wheel. They sent the wheel to a refinisher. Very nice work.

Bill Pritchard

Re.: Wheel scrape repair

Steve DAngelo

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Edited on 2011-09-23 20:32:18

Absolutely do not use Wheels America, I-800 Fix rims or any of their other aliases. They do not honor their warranty and the people are rude and dishonest in their shop. I sent the main office a complaint two weeks ago and never heard back.

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Re.: Wheel scrape repair

Garfield Schexnayder
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Just a suggestion.
Stop by a couple of the top rated auto repair/painting shops in your area. They will know of the better wheel refurb. guys. They will use the people who will do the best job. I've been quoted prices of $135 to $149 per wheel for my 93 Caddy, so would expect the same thing with your car.



Garfield (Chuck)
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