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XJ-S Bonnet Bra

Steve & Sherrill DePolis
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I am planning to drive my 1990 XJ-S to two out of town Concours events this summer. The front of the bonnet and bumper are spotless and I have searched in vain for a bra for my car. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

XJ-S Bonnet Bra

David G. Belanger
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I have bras for both my S-TYPE and XK8, but they came from dealers with Jaguar part numbers. I'm not aware of any other models.

My trim guy - recommended by the service advisor - thought he could duplicage either of these. so I'd try that route first. Of course, it helps if you have a pattern.

If you know a part number. give Classic Jaguar parts a try; They are adding new old parts all the time.

Dave Belanger
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XJ-S Bonnet Bra

James P. McDonald
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You can keep searching on E-bay. I picked up one for my 1996 XJS a couple of years ago and it wirks great. It is an aftermarket and there are no lables describing the mfg.

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