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XK150 S and VERY EARLY E-Type Cylinder Head Question

Steve Kennedy
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While we are at it asking for input from those with original tools and tool rolls, I would like to hear from those with original unrestored XK150 S and very early E-Types. We all know of the Pumpkin cylinder head color. Gold was not introduced til a bit later in the E-Type run. Not sure, could use that info too.

Some time ago I saw what I am calling an Ocher or Banana color on the 150S and very early E cylinder heads. I need a close up of the color on an unrestored cylinder head along with the engine and chassis number. If you could use WD40 and clean a spot and get a closeup, it would be greatly appreciated. I am working on a poster of cylinder head colors and that is the only one I need confirmation on.

Steve Kennedy