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Australian GP

Pascal Gademer

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How much luck did Jaguar Racing get on this one... beaten by everyone in qualifying, even the Minardi and Toyota... they managed to finish with one car in the points...

But it's what happened up front that I find amazing... and the reactions... I was watching the rerun last night on Speed Channel... Barichello changed his line at least 2 times, or evn 3 depending on how you count... to finally swerve in front of the Williams...

if it had Michael Schumacher, everybody would have been howling about his agressivity... but coming from Barrichelo... who always whinning about everthing it seems like the fingers are pointed at Ralf...

The rules allow for one blocking / defending move... not 3 !

anybody else watched the race ?


Re: Australian GP


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I watched, and there is no doubt Barichello was at fault. However, he drives a Ferrari, and everybody knows Ferraris are holier than the Pope....

There are some knowlegeable people betting now that Jaguar will be out of F1 before the end of the season. Apparently the expenses for F1 are taken out of Jaguar Cars' budget and not Ford's. So we better hope they sell a million X-types or the British Racing Green may disappear from the grid.


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