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George Camp
Jaguar Society of South Carolina *

forum user since 2002-11-24


In that section the President of JCNA has posted his State of JCNA. It seems to be an accurate and heartfelt letter. Knowing Dick I am sure it is. Hopefully you will read it and discuss this and vote to approve this at the AGM. Sitting in the position I am I can tell you that for those who want to purchase publications or get help on the tech line many new members have signed up and become JCNA members. When the question of "how much " comes up the answer is almost universal--"thats all"? People are realizing that the Jaguar Journal and insurance are fastly becoming secondary reasons for joining JCNA. Many new programs have been introduced, and a new program which may be the most beneficial yet for members will soon be started. All of these have been done with little of no cost to the JCNA members but in my estimate our current dues structure simply is not realistic. I feel a bit guilty about each new member I sign up as it adds to the roster but actually costs more to service than the current dues cover. I for one will support the proposal!


News and Features

Peter Crespin
Nation s Capital Jaguar Owners Club *

forum user since 2010-05-20


As a member at large, but overseas, it must cost the club more thn my dues to mail me JJ. I would support an increase in overseas fees at least, although my current solution is to cut the mailshot costs by moving to Maryland... :-)

Pete Crespin, Gaithersburg, MD, 66 D-type, 70 FHC, 79 S2 XJ12

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