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Re.: 2006 or 2005 XKR COUPE

Carter Emerson
Non Member *

forum user since 2012-02-28


Edited on 2012-02-28 8:15:25

I am looking for such a car, even a damaged one which could be repaired, unless any of you think these have technical issues. I drove an XK8 which was great, but I want the power of the R version. I presume converting an XK8 to R spec
would be ludicrous or am I incorrect? I just joined JCNA and look forward to becoming active in the Arizona and Chicago groups if I can find a good car. Thanks in advance.

AZ and Chicago

Re.: 2006 or 2005 XKR COUPE

George Camp
Jaguar Society of South Carolina *

forum user since 2002-11-24


Carter I suggest you contact Coventry West (a sponsor here)


Re.: 2006 or 2005 XKR COUPE

Garfield Schexnayder
Jaguar Car Club of North Florida *

forum user since 2009-12-02


Check with a Jag dealer, or one of the online car shoppers such as "Auto Trader".
Your note indicates you move around--Arizona to Chicago---so- between those two locations you should be able to find what your looking for with ease. If it was my decision, I would search the Arizona area in detail. A car from there, vrs one from the Chicago area would be a no brainer. I just made a quick check on ebay--not all Coupe's, but all XKR's and there were 36 of them.

Garfield (Chuck)
05/XJ8L and 05/XK8 Convertible CF addition

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