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A/C twin fans for 94 6cy XJS

R.E. Rogers

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Help! As the heat wave hit my AC quit cooling. Actually the compressor still works but the fans just do not work well or fast enough to cool the car, and after a few miles in the mornings stops cooling. In the afternoon after sitting out in the sun all day, forget it - will not cool at all. A small independent shop of very qualified mechanics looked at it and said it needs two new fan motors. Because of the air bags and the cost of getting the parts from England they quoted me a price of over #3,000. Well the 145,000 mile car is not worth too much these days, and even so if I paid this the compressor could go out, and then, in effect, I have put as much into the AC as the whole car would be worth. So I need to find a more reasonable way to replace the motors. Would any of you offer some information on the AC fans and how long it would take to replace them. Any other ideas would be welcome - this is just a real ackward situation to be in. It has been 107 several days recently and it has made the car unusuable. Thank you for any help you can offer.

R.E. Rogers
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A/C twin fans for 94 6cy XJS

George Camp
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Call Coventry west. I think you are talking about the interior blowers--they offer a rebuild that works perfectly and is a bit upgraded from OEM.