Changing Passenger side headlight XJR

Started By: Garfield Schexnayder on 2015-02-08 17:30:48

I did mine about a year ago and your correct, it's a bitch. If I remember correctly, I think one of the electrical grounding studs is just behind the plastic plate, hindering anyone from moving the plate far enough back to release it from the bottom spring wire loop. The first time I replaced the bulb was when I had the car for about a week. At that time (don't ask me how) I removed the plate from the bottom loop like ENOS says above. The last time I could not get it loose and tried to unsnap the loop with a long standard screwdriver. I got the plate off, but later had to fish for the wire loop from the bottom where it fell. Never was able to put it back---just no room.
I would continue in my attempt to remove it as ENOS says by wiggle and twisting, sometimes a few well chosen curse words seem to help in times like this.
Maybe Steve Petry would have some secret idea's..