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Started By: howard bollinger on 2016-10-22 00:00:00

What is the latest on seeing scores online? I am in the SE region and have been to 3 concours this year with rather good scores in S2 and yet I see no scores listed for this year in my region except for those of my friend Ron Geartner for his 120 FHC and 150 DHC. No other scores in any classes are listed. It seems the site used to have scores listed very promptly before this "new" site started being worked on. What gives? By the way, look at how much the involvement has dropped on the site for each post in the past year or so! Seems interest has dropped dramatically! Anybody have any information as to what's happening?


Howard, Give me a call at 719.930.4801.

I concur. I have wondered what happened last year and this issue persists this year. I think we should send a message to the webmaster. I hope to see you in Richmond and in Purcellville this weekend!

Don, Call me at 719.930.4801.