correct cylinder head color for 3.4S

Started By: Glen Read on 2015-04-21 00:00:00

Does anybody know the correct factory cyl head color for a 59 XK150S 3.4. Engine number V 1448-9?


If you go to the Concours page here on, and select the Non-Authenticity appendix of the Judging guide, then scroll down to page 59, you'll find the Cylinder Head Color Table.  According to the table, an XK-150S (3.4L & 3.8L) has a gold head.  "Acceptable Observed Variation" is "Old Gold - Pumpkin".  (It's not clear to me if "Old Gold" and "Pumpkin" are two different colors, or a color combination, like "light blue-green" for a standard XK-150....)

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the big help George - This website is a wealth of info. Thanks for the guide. Now I need to find the difference between Carmen red and Carmine red. As I understand it Carmine red was only used for the European market. Hard to research on the web but the judging guide may have something.