Discussion on Clear Bra topic - Why so harsh?

Started By: William R. Cooper on 2014-10-17 14:22:18

"While clear bras offer added protection for the finish, they are not required to counter the everyday elements as was case with the extra window tinting. If the factory or Jaguar USA should authorize clear bras as an option/accessory then JCRC would indicate their acceptance for the applicable models. Any clear coverings, already being applied by the factory, on other sections of the outer body and having a Jaguar Cars Part Number or other official designation, should be accepted without question."

Dick, There are some things which have Jaguar part numbers and are listed in the Jaguar parts catalogues which are disallowed in judging. For example, putting Euro bumpers on a US delivered older XJ. I was dinged for that. I still like my cleaner, chrome FACTORY Jag bumpers, though. ;>))
Here's another inconsistency: In the series XJ cars delivered to the US, the smaller headlamps were installed by the factory. However, many of us have swapped them out for the larger 7" lamps. No deduction for that. Why?
To be consistent, anything in the Official Jaguar Parts Catalogue ought the be allowed.