Fixing the steering column telescoping feature

Started By: Brian Vogel on 2015-09-04 00:00:00

Hello All,

A friend of mine who bought my former '99 XJ8L recently had an accident and wanted to get another Jag from the same era. We located a 2001 VDP that fit the bill and it was purchased yesterday.

One thing that is not working (and we knew this) is the telescoping (AKA reach in/reach out) feature on the steering. You can clearly hear the motor itself activate if you push the adjusting button and the tilt works completely normally. This suggests to me that some sort of gear, cable, or the like has failed, but I know nothing specific about how these systems work.

The '99's carcass was purchased back from the insurance company. It's a real shame that damage that could easily be repaired (the car still runs, and can even be driven) has now reached the point where very little of it results in the car being totaled. Thus, a parts car is available.

I'm looking for information on what's actually involved in this repair and opinions regarding "how awful this job is" from those who've "been there, done that."

Thanks in advance for your assistance.