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I know this may strike a nerve or a chord among participants , but I would like to get comments on the judging this past season so that the powers can fix the problems . I will add my own experiences as this topic gets rolling . Thanks for participating - and let's get some good and especially the bad experiences out there so things can be improved .


Perhaps you can start if off. There appears to be something you experienced. Please share with the rest of us.

Thank you for your detailed post. It is this kind of judging inconsistency that is unacceptable. I have experienced it myself. Yes, we have judging guides but they are useless if not followed. We have judging tests and most clubs conduct judges training events but that is still no guarantee the judging will be fair and evenhanded. It appears your situation was a major failure in protocol. I'm curious if others have experienced such a blatant disregard for Concours rules and regulations.

I have heard of this complaint in other concours judging venues. What do you feel is the main factor contributing to the judging inconsistencies? Political? What would be the resolution or who could remedy this? I'm very new to this forum, so forgive my questions.

Well, quite the debate. As many of you have far more expertise in this venue than I do. Perhaps I am oversimplifying the issue by making this statement: that if judging is so unpredictable, the judging guidelines are not routinely followed, and these events are more about enjoyment and fun, maybe the events should be treated like sporting events with young kids these days, where everyone gets the same trophy and there is no merit given to true 'winning", talent or effort to have superior presentation. Of course this is in jest and just points out, IMO, the idiocrasy of making any event worthy of judging, but failing to follow the same structure, guidelines and protocol for all involved. The point should be given, or deducted based on the protocol, and not determined based on who knows who. I would add that overlooking obvious deductions and giving points unfairly, does not help the car owner truly learn what improvements should be made.

The Jaguar Club for the New Orleans area, as well as much of Louisiana and southern Mississippi
has only reactivated for a few years. It is now the Gulf Coast Jaguar Club.
We have several members that are officially "Judges" but only a couple with multi show experience.

Have not hosted an event in over 12 years.

Would like to provide most of the judges from our ranks, but request some assistance.
Was hoping that an individual with more experience might be making a trip to New Orleans,
in the near future. Maybe they could spare a couple hours, while here, to give us a few tips.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/304708885737/  504-464-1734  ffrilouxatlubriport.com