Pin Stripes / Coach Lines on 94 XJS V12

Started By: Walter Barelka on 2016-03-24 00:00:00

I recently acquired a 1994 XJS Convertible 2+2 6.0L and have a question on coach lines / pin striping. I’d like to have some scratches/chips repainted but I’m concerned I will not be able to recreate the pin stripes. I read prior posts (2012) that mention parts BEC18175FDL (and 76, 77, 78 etc) and have checked on the Jaguar Heritage site as well.

My stripes are 2-tone and run the length of the car high on the fenders & doors (3 pieces per side – front wing, door, and rear wing). The front wings have a pin striped Jag leaper between the front wheel and door. I’m guessing they are factory because of the imbedded leaper but I’m not an expert.

Here’s my concern… Does anyone know if the BEC1917x family of stripes is high-mounted with leaper? I ask because Jaguar Heritage lists 2 part number for the front wing (possible mid-mounted stripe split by wheel well?)

Any info/experience would be appreciated. I’d like to keep as much originality as I can…


Steve... Thanks for your input... Attached are some equally poor pics of my pin striped. leaper image on front wing. After closer examination lines appear to be painted and the body shop is fairly certain the leaper was done as a paint stamp!

My example is more likely dealer installed or custom, not taped as the factory coach lines would be. So I think I've answered my own question as to factory original or not. And since I'm not doing a full respray the shop will try to preserve the leaper image and restore painted lines as needed.