Re.: Rear Carb Linkage Bracket

Started By: C.Bruce Jones on 2014-10-18 02:43:39

Edited on 2014-10-18 8:46:50
Hi All,

Just to resurrect this thread for a moment, I am having a devil of a time fitting the rear triangular throttle return bracket on my rear carburetor. It simple does not appear to fit on the rear lower bolts. I purchased this bracket new from the manufacturer, Burlen (SU). They do not seem to answer questions like this or, at least not so far, so I pose it to anyone who knows how this bracket is mounted. It seems that it would be much easier to simply use another "Y" bracket (showing my ignorance). The spring for the rear carburetor is shorter to accommodate the smaller bracket, but why the triangle??

I presume that the triangle bracket must be modified to fit the carburetor, but how and to what extent still mystifies me...feeling a bit stupid here, so any clues would be very much appreciated! A photo would be great!

Many thanks!

C. Bruce Jones
Hartwell, GA