Sanctioned events in Bay Area

Started By: Dick Cavicke on 2015-02-22 06:06:10

Today, in order for a club to obtain a JCNA concours sanction, the club must verify that it currently has eight (8) or more Certified Judges within its own membership.

The Judge certification process requires that, following classroom training, successfully passing the Judges's Test and performing an observed individual practice judging, the candidate must then participate as an Apprentice (a training extra), on an actual Judging team at a JCNA concours.

Clubs that wish to train and certify at least 8 Judges, in order to hold their first concours, and clubs that have lost Judges and want to rebuild their Judge Roster (to at least 8) depend on being able to have their Judge candidates serve Apprenticeships at neighboring clubs holding JCNA sanctioned concours. If there are NO JCNA sanctioned concours being held nearby, it may take a very long time for some clubs to meet the 8 Judge sanction requirement.

I believe that several clubs are facing this problem.and are doing their best to solve it.

Dick Cavicke
JCNA Chief Judge