Sanctioned events in Bay Area

Started By: George Keller on 2015-03-30 10:57:05

Maybe JCNA has over taxed the affiliated clubs with rules making it more and more difficult to hold a successful local event. And who are we doing this for? Is this really what membership wants? Volunteers are getting harder and harder to find and those who have been doing so for years are getting tired and or dying off. So where do we really want to go with concours competition? The Jaguar Touring Club on the east coast no longer hosts a JCNA sanctioned concours but hosts a very successful yearly Jaguar Club gathering with over 120 cars in attendance. No formal judging, no protests, everyone enjoys the cars/people and goes home happy.

The Pittsburgh club holds a fantastic event at the Vintage Grand Prix and there are three times as many Jaguars entered in the British Car Show as there are in the sanctioned JCNA event.

I unfortunately have no solutions or suggestions and humbly open this for further discussion as our club may soon be facing JCNA concours requirement problems. How do we hold on and not face extinction?

George Keller
Jaguar Association of Central Ohio
Chief Concours Judge