Sanctioned events in Bay Area

Started By: Dick Cavicke on 2015-03-31 20:15:05


Concours are not everyone's favorite JCNA activity but, for those attracted to them, JCNA has an obligation to make every sanctioned event as standardized, honest and accurately judged as possible. If Entrants are staying away because the rules are too strict or the judging seems too picky, that's unfortunate. No serious competitive event is guaranteed to be "fun" but it need not represent the extremes of being either unreasonably detailed or superficial. There are still many well judged, well attended and fully enjoyed Jaguar Club Concours being held throughout North America.

Acknowleging this diversity, in recent years, JCNA has encouraged clubs to promote the idea of: a "Gathering of Jaguars", a "Celebration of Jaguars", a "Jaguar Picnic" and ...then, if appropriate, adding, that there's going to be a JCNA Concours for those who are interested. The primary attraction should be the "getting together of Jaguar afficionados", not the concours. People's Choice types of awards may be as much "competition" as many want.

Meanwhile, JCRC has continued its efforts to tighten the concours rules and improve the judging. However, for a variety of reasons, including reports of unqualified judging and clubs deviating from the rules, it now seems impossible that JCNA will ever reach and sustain the required level of judging standardization to continue awarding North American Championships based on the existing scoring program. The Concours Committee has been challenged to recommend major changes to the awards program at the 2016 AGM.

No question that concours participation may decline even more as there are fewer and fewer Jaguars (mid 1970's to late 1990's) whose market values are higher than, or even close to, the cost of restoration. (Future shows may consist of very old and relatively new cars.) It has been reported that JCNA is the only large car club that holds so many concours and opens them all to the oldest through the newest production models. Most other clubs limit their few competitive shows to vintage and sports models.

Keep those cards and emails coming.

Dick Cavicke
Chair, JCNA, Judge's Concours Rules Committee