Sanctioned events in Bay Area

Started By: Paul M. Novak on 2015-04-06 19:53:28

Tyson and JD,

I recommend that you contact Paul Petach, the Chief Judge of the Jaguar Associate Group of San Francisco. I have spoken to him many times, and I know that he is trying to build a cadre of JCNA Certified Judges in the San Francisco area to be able to hold JCNA concours events. Perhaps you can be part of the solution?


The San Diego Jaguar Club is alive and well and we will be holding our 51st Annual JCNA Concours on 19 July, the Jaguar Owner's Club of Los Angeles is holding their JCNA Concours on 17 May in Fullerton and the small but fiesty Inland Empire Jaguar Club will be holding their JCNA concours on 27 September. I don't believe your comments apply to all of the California Clubs.

BTW, when did JCNA become a "national" organization? I thought it was an international organization because of the clubs in Canada and Mexico.

Paul M. Novak
Chief Judge
San Diego Jaguar Club