seeking guidance on sale/value of xk120

Started By: Raymond Tong on 2015-12-22 00:00:00

I am seeking some guidance on the pricing and sale of a friend's 1952 XK-120. I am not the owner, but have owned other vintage British cars in the past.

The car is a remarkably good driver and has amazingly about an original 10K miles on it. It was rebuilt by a local San Francisco Bay Area mechanic back in 1999. In speaking with him, his observations were that the car needed a rebuild primarily from disuse, rather than misuse. From discussions, it appears he did so with driveability in min. Specifically, compression was reduced to 8.0:1 vs 9.1:1 (as I understand it), no "performance" enhancements were made towards the same goal. An aluminum radiator with electric fan assist was also installed. Since the rebuild, it seems maintenance has been fairly regular with consideration that this was not a daily driver.

From my personal observations, the car is straight, never been hit. Structure is steel fenders with Aluminum hood, doors and trunk lid. Interior is good to excellent. Work needed seems to be primarily cosmetic, paint job and seals. Can anyone offer assistance as to the value and subsequent sale of the car?