Status of Online Scoring System?

Started By: Paul M. Novak on 2015-05-22 00:00:00

I am the Chief Judge of the San Diego Jaguar Club and we are getting ready for our 51st Annual JCNA Concours scheduled for 19 July. I recently completed my first 2015 Judges Refresher Training session and I would like to update my Judges List with the dates of the training and tests. When I looked at the new JCNA website I couldn't find how I am supposed to access the Online Scoring System. Also, I entered my 1990 V12 Vanden Plas in the JCCA (Phoenix) Concours on 8 March. I looked for scores from that concours, as well as any other 2015 scores, and I couldn't find them.

I realize that many functions don't seem to be active yet on the new website, and I want to assure you that I am not complaining. I realize from personal experience how difficult it is to transition websites. It would help me to know if the Online Scoring System features are active or not at this time. If they are active, how do I access them? If they are not active, when they are expected to be up and running? We have 8 weeks before our concours, so I am not overly concerned, but it would help me to know when things are expected to be up and running because I need to update my Judges List, post scores and then submit my Judges Report. I was not able to attend the AGM, so I don't have the benefit of any information that was presented there about the website transition effort. Perhaps someone can send out information to the Chief Judges about the status of the Online Scoring System so we are aware of issues, capabilities and when things will be ready to use. Or even show as status on the new JCNA website. It looks like the Concours Leaderboard only shows scores and standings from 2014, but I could be wrong about that.

Can someone please help me with the status of the Online Scoring System?


Paul M. Novak
Chief Judge, San Diego Jaguar Club



I have been trying to post scores for a rally and we have a Concours coming this weekend.  I've made several inquiries regarding the scoring system and have been told it's operational.  However, when trying to follow the instructions I've been given the components of the instructions were not present.  Our club has four (4) santioned events for 2015.  When checking the JCNA Web site it shows the socres for all events have been entered and the status listed as "Official."  That's a concern to me as the events have not yet taken place.


I think there are things that still need to be worked out.  I'll keep checking and hope for the best.


It's good to know I'm not the only one having problems.


Brian Craig

Delaware Valley Jaguar Club

it is now a week into October and SAJC had it's Concours last weekend, and I cannot find out where to complete the Judge's Report.  I was able to enter all but one of the scores, that being for a new member submitted to JCNA over two months ago.  

The help document link describes the old system for scoring, including the Judge's Roster.

Does anyone know how to do the Judge's Report? 

First off- Let me state that I realize that with the NEW system of posting and reporting of Concours' Results there will be some delays and glitches, But I don’t understand the current system of obtaining or viewing the current (2015) Concours' results.
By MY count there are listed 51 Concours held so far this year; three have results marked as “Official” –(of which only one can I download & view the ‘Results”). There are 33 Concours with results marked as “Provisional” – and whose provisional results cannot be downloaded for viewing. There are 15 Concours listed which have NO indication given as to the current status of the Results – though I presume that those were “JCNA sanctioned” Concours , and the scores have been duly sent to the JCNA Concours Committee. Unfortunately (perhaps) – one of the three Concours I participated in this year –(the SVJC on May 23, 2015) is one of those 15 Concours with absent result status.
What does the absence of a currently indicated “Result” status mean ? Having obtained an average score of 9.997 for three 2015 Concours in the D-01 Division/Class- the invalidation of one of the 3 Concours attended would be somewhat of a “Bummer”.

Thank you,
Jerry Ellison CJC Member

Well, we are now into 2016 and there still does not seem to be any way to look at the leaderboard. Maybe I am missing something as I have not been able to find it. If I am, I would sure appreciate if anyone can post here how to go through the procedure of finding it.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Smale, CJC Member