X308 Transmission fluid was changed!

Started By: David J Hayden on 2015-03-13 14:04:46

The X308 XJR uses a Mercedes Benz automatic transmission known as MDWSA580, IT USES THE SAME FLIUD as all the other Jaguar X308 V8s whose transmissions are made by ZF AND KNOWN AS 5HP24.They were both sealed for life units and are pretty well bullet proof, however, if a problem arose a jaguar dealer could replace the fluid and the filter. A collapsible dipstick could be ordered as a special tool to fit the shortened capped tube. Draining and refilling these transmissions are a pain DUE TO ACCESS.
I would not be put off if the Jaguar in question had had its transmission fluid changed. I owned a 2002 XJR and my dealer happily changed the transmission fluid and filter.
Best of Luck


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