XK120 Judging Guide

Started By: on 2016-05-11 00:00:00

Good afternoon Gentlemen

I'm wondering if there is a judging guide for the the XK120 in existence. It would help me a great deal as I'm at the end of a restoration and need to make sure everything is as it should be.

Thanks, Martyn


To Martyn and other's interested,
Roger Payne and I have authored the Jaguar XK 120 JCNA Concours Judging Guide (158-page spiral-bound book) which was presented at the JCNA Clubs 60th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in San Antonio, March 21-25, 2018. Our Judging Guide was presented by Dick Cavicke, JCNA Chief Judge, in my behalf. Due to the fact that copies of the proposed JCNA XK120 Judging Guide were not available for delegates to read before the conference, the JCNA XK120 Judging Guide was approved for "trial use" at 2018 JCNA concours judging events. Our JCNA XK120 Judging Guide will be re-presented for official approval at the 61st AGM in 2019.
JCNA clubs and JCNA members can obtain a copy of our 158-page spiral-bound JCNA XK120 Judging Guide book from www.jcna.com "merchandise > JCNA products. You may also obtain a "signed copy" of our 158-page softcover Jaguar XK120 Judging Guide book from www.xk120judgingguide.com. In addition, you can obtain a copy of our 294-page hardcover with dust-jacket Jaguar XK120 Authenticity Reference Guide book from www.xk120judgingguide.com.