XK150S OTS model history

Started By: Glen Read on 2015-04-27 00:00:00

Does anyone know how manyXK150S OTS LHD cars were actually shipped to the US/Canada and how many of those are still driveable? The commonly used production number is 888 total cars produced between 58 and 61 but that included RHD and LHD of which some LHD must have gone to other countries than the US. I have purchased a 59 150S and I am curious how many of these may still be on 4 wheels and driveable. 


I belong to the Jaguar Club of Florida and we happen to have 3 of these cars all restored. However, I too would be interested in the answer to your question. All the books that I have seem to show the same number of 800+ with about 39% of all XK 150 OTS also bearing the S denomination. I have an XK 150S and per the Heritage Certificate CA on April 1960. I have owned this car for over 40 years that underwent a just finished ground up frame off and total and complete restoration, with all numbers matching and all paint, hood and trim matching the Heritage Certificate.