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June 9, 2014
Vlad Prutsky
Jaguar Drivers Club of Long Island * , forum user since 2006-07-24

November 19, 2013
Lee Blaik
* , forum user since 2006-07-20
Lee and Angie Blaik 20 years members.

Lee Blaik

November 25, 2012
Jack Humphrey
Jaguar Club of Southern Colorado * , forum user since 2012-04-30
86 XJ6 Vanden Plas

August 12, 2012
Phillip Karam
Ottawa Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2008-10-08
1984 XJ12 4PAW4

1970 Adams Probe16.Caretaker of 1955 XK140fhc previously owned by William Heynes and Duncan Hamilton

April 3, 2012
Matthew Mariani
Delaware Valley Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2012-03-25
1972 XJ-6 4.2

1972 XJ-6 High Compression Head 4.2L runs like a champ

October 30, 2011
Dave McDowell
Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwest * , forum user since 2011-05-04
2011 XJ6 National Champion C12

After a couple of years fininshing in the number two slot we finally achieved our goal this year with our 1987 XJ6 Vanden Plas by posting several 100-point scores to reach number one status. We have been chasing many of you for years and knew we had to step it up. This summer was spent with my head in the engine bay and that paid off. So, thanks for setting the bar high. Enjoy the photos.

October 25, 2011
Ginger Corda
Jaguar Club of Florida * , forum user since 2002-11-07
JCOF cars

Always stylish...

March 26, 2011
Harold Lewis Miles
Jaguar Aficionados of Greater Buffalo * , forum user since 2011-03-26
She is still a Looker, 1975 XJ12L Series II in original cobalt blue

I stumbled over this proud Lady on Craigs List a few months back when I was prowling for parts. She has very low mileage at 54,000 miles, The interior and the body both are in very good shape for 1975.
A restoration had been started with the power plant. The V-12 needs finishing but it is simply a matter of assembly, the numbers match along with the gear box. According to the last owner the car was running and driving up to about 18 months ago. That is when his friend, whom he purchased it from started this renovation. When we were haggling over a fair price I made the case of the missing FI and the NOS Carbureted induction. First he looked surprised , then he laughed and we ... click here to view complete text

November 18, 2010
Stuart Sanderson
* , forum user since 2009-12-27
Finished rebuild on my 1975 XJ12C Coupe

October 9, 2010
Stuart Sanderson
* , forum user since 2009-12-27
XJ12C mild custom

had paint (ascot fawn) done in mexico, nice job for $1500.

April 14, 2010
Roy Brown
Heart of America Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2010-04-13
1972 XJ 6

October 9, 2009
One of Nineteen
Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd. * , forum user since 2008-01-30
1996 XJ12 Coupe

10 - 96 XJ12's
96 VDP

September 30, 2009
Jim Baker
Jaguar Association of Central Ohio * , forum user since 2009-01-06
The old and the new

'03 XJ8, '96 XJ6, '75 XJ6L

August 13, 2009
Dave Gillespie
Jaguar Club of Houston * , forum user since 2004-11-26
Life is even better in an XJ!!!

D.A. Gillespie
1986 Cobalt Blue XJ6 Canadian Spec Sovereign

April 29, 2009
greg kenmuir
Jaguar Car Club of Victoria * , forum user since 2009-04-23
Our Jags

April 29, 2009
greg kenmuir
Jaguar Car Club of Victoria * , forum user since 2009-04-23
Our Jags

November 5, 2008
Rick McCoy
Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd. * , forum user since 2008-09-12
1994 XJ6 / XJ40

R. McCoy
Kingdom Cat
1994 XJ6 4.0 - Racing Green
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

September 30, 2008
Mike Powley
Canadian XK Jaguar Register * , forum user since 2005-10-12

Hope these are changing the NW site to edit???

September 25, 2008
Michael Smith
San Diego Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2004-07-01
Our 96 VDP

Mike Smith
90 XJ-S Convertible
96 Vanden Plas Saloon

August 28, 2008
mark scotton
San Diego Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2008-07-31
My 1987 XJ6

Mark Scotton
1987 XJ6 Nimbus White/Mulberry Interior
Santee, CA

August 18, 2008
Don Preiser
Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of NWA * , forum user since 2007-06-14
1988 XJ40

JDRC/NWA Annual run to Paradise Lodge, Mt. Rainier, Aug 10, 2008

July 10, 2008
Henry Shamamian
Jaguar Touring Club * , forum user since 2004-05-13
Henry Jag's

'86 VDP, '90 XJS, '61 Mark IX

July 1, 2008
Chip Starkey
South Florida Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2007-07-06
Chip's Jaguars

March 30, 2008
Bruce Nemet
Carolina Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2008-03-30
My '95 XJ12

12 is my favorite number! I've always wanted a Jaguar and I love those European V12 engines. I now have both!
This one was purchased off Ebay and was located in Texas. It drives unbelievably well and is very, very fast!

I love my V12 kitty!

March 16, 2008
Ronald Canestrare
Jaguar Association of Central New York * , forum user since 2008-02-17

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