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July 26, 2008
Dolores Zimmerman
Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona * , forum user since 2008-03-04
JCSA HPDE May 2008

The 2nd Annual JCSA HPDE at Evergreen Air Park was a great way to increase the driving skills of our members. This 1 mile road course is used by military and police for specialized driving training.

October 23, 2006
Mark Alexander Pavliv
Jaguar Touring Club * , forum user since 2006-10-23
The Gray XKR Coupe

Supercharged Jaguar XKR Coupe at Lime Rock and other northeast HPE, Slaloms, AutoX and Performance Driving Events

October 17, 2006
dean a cusano
Jaguar Club of Southern New England * , forum user since 2006-10-17

Dean A Cusano, farmington connecticut

June 25, 2005
Adrian Curtis
Jaguar Association of New England * , forum user since 2003-11-27
Lime Rock Empire Division 2005

Empire Division's HPDE school at Lime Rock is a great bargain for beginners.

June 22, 2005
Art Dickenson
* , forum user since
The River's Edge, Mission Raceway Park, British Columbia , Canada........

Art Dickenson.
1983 XJS GT \"Silver\"

"Silver" and I attended River's Edge once more, and this time it was sunny for a change. The road course has nine turns and is one and a half miles in length. The course is quite level , although most turns have differences in camber and make it quite a track to tame, especially with a big cat to boot..........Our best time was at this last event in Spring when we managed a time of 1.27.........this put us in the middle of the pack. With DOT tyres I felt this was okay, our next visit will be on full tace slicks, a long as it is dry.........At this event we get a full day for only about a hundred dollars, although you must have the correct safety equipment, and have taken the neccessary driver training.
The day starts off early with a twenty minute practice sesion for each group, after lunch qualifying happens for another twenty. At around 4.00 PM five laps per entrant are the order of the day, drivers of the solo 1 event are started in a rally fashion at 15 second intervals, usually 4 or 5 cars are on track at the same time, my way of doing this is to warm up slowly on lap one, and go increasingly faster until the final turn of lap #4, this turn leads direcltly to the main start / finish timing area, so therefore it is all out for one flat out as fast as you can go race around the track. Brakes are punihed severely on this lap na fluid starts to get hotter, but for this last lap you should be okay, you take the chequered flag and release the gas after you pass the start / finish timrs, go slowly around and cool off the car as much as possible.
Once you hve all the equipment this is almost as inexpensive as solo 2 events, but quite a bit more satisfying.

June 13, 2003
Pascal Gademer
South Florida Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2002-10-27
2003 Empire Division Lime Rock Driving School

Shot at Limerock, May 30th 2003 during the Empire Division HPDE

this series was taken by David Zipkin, of Fast Forward images, who covered the event (

see article at link below...

March 13, 2003
Jerry Mouton
Jaguar Associate Group * , forum user since 2002-11-07
Laguna Seca, March 1, 2003

Three of Jaguar's finest models posed on the front straight of Laguna Seca. We had an absolutely incredible day of fun here. Sunny and 65, no wind, plenty of beautiful cars to watch. TracQuest put on the event, which was very well organized and safe. The track is wonderful, and no roller coaster is more fun than the Corkscrew -- also the steep downhill braking zone at the end of the straight will take your breeath away. Fred and Chuck are the most fun-loving and enthusiastic folks I have met in some time.

Jerry Mouton '64 E Type FHC "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"
Event report on the J.A.G. website

January 14, 2003
Pascal Gademer
South Florida Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2002-10-27
The Silver Hammer and the Silver Rocket at Road Atlanta

This shot was taken in the Paddock, early in the morning with the daunting diving turn 12 in the back ground. The Pirelli signage was very appropriate since both Gary and I have a preference for Pirellis...

The Silver Hammer is Gary Hagopian's 62 Racer... the Silver Rocket is my 72 V12 2+2

I had been warned about Road Atlanta... with remarks like ... if you can drive there you can drive anywhere.... and indeed... what an eye opener, what an experience... in all of my very modest 6 previous track event experience, I never ran off track till this weekend...

CMS, the group I've been running with couldn't get a set of dates at Road ATL so they partne ... click here to view complete text

November 22, 2002
Pascal Gademer, Webmaster
South Florida Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2002-10-30
72 E-type FHC on track at Sebring FL

This was taken in august 2002 at a driving school organized by CMS here in Florida.

I ran close to 4 hours flat out on the 12 hours course that day, this picture was taken by a photographer covering the event, Mark Payton.

Car has brakes and suspension upgrades, along with exhaust, air filters and ignition upgrades, but otherwise engine is stock although it does have an alloy flywheel and JT5 gearbox... :-)


November 22, 2002
Pascal Gademer
South Florida Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2002-10-27
72 E-type FHC at Limerock 2002 the rain...

The Limerock Drivers school at Lime Rock Race Park is without a doubt the most fun event on the east coase... 2 hours of track time on that scenic track with other Jagaurs...

picture Walt Morris, JTC

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