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October 23, 2014
Robin Brown
JCNA * , forum user since 2014-10-22

With some irony, we dress in our best fake British finery, park our MK2 in a pasture and take a few pictures. Do you think the Ascot is a bit much?

(1967 Mk2)

Robin Brown
Beth Slocum
Minneapolis, MN

August 15, 2014
Philip Taxman
Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis * , forum user since 2005-08-15

1966 MK10 at the Ault

December 17, 2013
Dr Gregory Andrachuk
Jaguar Car Club of Victoria * , forum user since 2012-12-10

This Mark 2 has less than 23,000 original miles and runs the way it looks.

August 12, 2012
Phillip Karam
Ottawa Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2008-10-08
1966 MkII

1970 Adams Probe16.Caretaker of 1955 XK140fhc previously owned by William Heynes and Duncan Hamilton

June 15, 2012
Art Dickenson
Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group * , forum user since 2003-06-01
Julie Bailey E type

1983 XJS GT 6.0 "Silver"
1989 XJS GT
1990 XJS Convertible.
2002 X Type 3.0 Litre Sport.
2 Kawasa

June 15, 2012
Art Dickenson
Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group * , forum user since 2003-06-01
Charlie's MK3 LOL.

1983 XJS GT 6.0 "Silver"
1989 XJS GT
1990 XJS Convertible.
2002 X Type 3.0 Litre Sport.
2 Kawasa
Charlies Sweet MK2.

March 10, 2012
Saul Chaplin
* , forum user since 2008-09-26
1968 Jaguar 340 Mk2

Our Jaguar 340, owned since 1981. Not restored, just maintained and upgraded where needed.

November 12, 2011
Jeannette C
* , forum user since 2011-03-12
1967 Jaguar 420 Sport Sedan

click for more pictures and Jag 420 history!

October 3, 2011
Forrest Dean Boyden
Nation s Capital Jaguar Owners Club * , forum user since 2011-09-27
1960 MK IX, 3.8, 4-speed O/D

21 years of enjoyment

June 21, 2011
James F. Latoff
Nation s Capital Jaguar Owners Club * , forum user since 2011-06-17

64 S-type 4-speed/OD

December 6, 2007
Daniel F
Smoky Mountain Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2007-11-03
1959 Jaguar Mark IX

Beautiful black Mark IX with Oxblood red leather interior. I'm really enjoying this car!

June 4, 2007
Gordon Jackson
Canadian XK Jaguar Register * , forum user since 2007-05-24

Pitt Meadows Slalom June 3, 2007

May 10, 2007
Susan Salsburg
Delaware Valley Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2007-01-27
Hershey Hillclimb 5/5/07

April 9, 2007
David Boudreau
Jaguar Club of Austin * , forum user since 2006-01-06
The Restoration has been completed and my car is now at home!

1967 Jaguar 420 Saloon
David Boudreaus 420 Saloon Restoration Photos

April 1, 2007
andre Michel despréaux
South Florida Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2007-01-08
Annie's and Michel's Jaguars

1962 black plates California car, heritage certificate 16259. Restored in 700 hours by Ray Santiago.Automatic transmission with air conditioning.

February 27, 2006
jcoa webmaster
Jaguar Club of Austin * , forum user since 2005-11-22
Wally Davis’ 1966 Jaguar Mark II, 3.8L “S” Type, # P1B79407DN

From the beginning Elaine and I called her “VICTORIA”. As the Queen of the household and being an English lady, what else would you call her? She came to us via San Antonio in 1996 wearing a Willow Green coat of paint. She also has a heart of six cylinders and legs of a synchromesh four-speed. She's been very pampered and today only shows 38,000 miles of wear.

February 20, 2006
Mike Glass
Reno Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2006-02-07
My 1967 Mark II

Classic Lines of of The Mark II

January 7, 2006
jcoa webmaster
Jaguar Club of Austin * , forum user since 2005-11-22
David Boudreau’s 1967 Jaguar 420 Saloon # P1F26748DN

This car was built May 15, 1967 and purchased new by my dad from a Jaguar dealer in Houston, TX. It found its way to Long Beach, CA where this picture was taken in 1979. That’s me in the polyester suit and my sister in the forground. . The car was our family driver, and actually never suffered any major downtime except for the repaint from BRG to Maroon. The car took the family on many vacations, even San Felipe, Mexico once!
Boudreau Web Site

December 19, 2005
Michael Eck
Jaguar Auto Group * , forum user since 2004-05-12
3.8 MK2 Manual/OD, Manual Steering, WW, Fog lights

December 9, 2005
mike zavos
Inland Empire Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2005-12-09
1967 420G

Mike & Jen own the following:
1966 Rover P5 mkII, grey
1967 Jaguar 420G, beige
1972 Jaguar XJ6, regency red
1992 Jaguar XJS V-12, convertible, blue

August 9, 2004
Kenneth C. Foran
The Jaguar Club of Ohio * , forum user since 2003-06-30
2004 Concours Poster

This was our Concours poster for 2004 featuring Lois and Bob Barbero's Mark II 3.8 "Jag Bleu" This poster may be purchased. Contact Bob for details at440 543-8207 or email

Have a great day! Ken Foran

August 5, 2004
Adrian Curtis
Jaguar Association of New England * , forum user since 2003-11-27
JANE August Rally

This was a small but enthusiastic field for JANE's first Rally in many years. The MVIIM was comfortable and reliable.

June 20, 2004
Chris Bomberger
Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of NWA * , forum user since 2004-06-20
65 S-type in JDRCNWA June Slalom

Picture from my second JCNA slalom. Did it once last year. More saloon owners should take to the slalom course. It is a load of fun and an opportunity to drive your saloon in a manner which you most likely otherwise would never consider. Give it it a try. You will like it.

May 27, 2004
Jordan Glaser
* , forum user since 2004-05-23
'67 4 speed Jaguar 420

1967 4sp 420 ready for pick up on Martha's Vineyard. My wife & I will fly up this summer, pick up the 420, tour the Vineyard for a few days and then take the ferry to the Cape at the start of our drive back to New York.

November 23, 2003
Jerry Liudahl
Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon * , forum user since 2003-11-23
1967 Jaguar Mk2 3.4 MOD - Owner: Jerry Liudahl - Eugene, Oregon

My '67 Mk2 was purchased new by its first owners in Portland, Oregon USA. It has been driven just over 64,000 miles since new, and is in wonderful original condition. I drive the Mk2 2,500-3,000 miles a year, and while I have had the satisfaction of winning several concours trophies, the best prize is being able to drive the old girl.

Click here to see more photos and information on my Mk2.

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