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December 31, 2014
Carole Borgens
Canadian XK Jaguar Register * , forum user since 2004-11-07
The Diva - 1990 XJ-S

Carole Borgens
1990 XJ-S Convertible

August 6, 2014
Carole Borgens
Canadian XK Jaguar Register * , forum user since 2004-11-07
The Diva - 1990 Diamond Blue Metallic

August 4, 2014
Carolina Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2014-06-09
One of the Last V-12's

Rick and Dee Wotring
Summerfield, NC

Carolina Jaguar Club
SE 21-55474

1995 XJS V12 2+2
2012 XF Portfolio

July 17, 2014
Steven Graff
Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan * , forum user since 2014-02-19

Jim Kraft & Steven Graff
Plainwell, MI

Jaguar Affiliates Group Of Michigan

1990 XJ-S V-12

July 16, 2014
Paul Blunt
Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan * , forum user since 2009-07-30
1984 XJ-S

Paul Blunt
Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan
2002 Jaguar XK8
2007 Jaguar XJ8L
1984 Jaguar XJ-S

April 3, 2014
* , forum user since 2004-10-26

This is a little better than those factory "premium" sound systems

September 25, 2013
Greg Horner
Illinois Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2012-07-04
1990 XJS Convertible

Greg and Michelle Horner
Chicago, IL
1990 XJ-S
2003 XJ8

September 15, 2013
George Browder Jr
Carolina Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2011-04-16
Big Cat

"Oledawg" - Raconteur, Bon Vivant, Curmudgeon, Other duties depending on Susan's mood at the time...

August 22, 2013
Jeff Piper
Jaguar Association of New England * , forum user since 2013-08-13
1995 XJS 2+2

My 1995, sapphire blue XJS. Member, Jaguar Association of New England.

August 4, 2013
Donald McClane
Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwest * , forum user since 2007-11-03
1988 XJ-S Hess & Eisenhardt OTS Tungston

Don McClane
1988 XJ-S Hess&Eisenhardt Tungston
1995 X-300 XJ-6 White
2000 XK-8 White Conv.

July 23, 2013
dean a cusano
Jaguar Club of Southern New England * , forum user since 2006-10-17
Dean Cusano 1984 X57 jaguar xjs 5 speed

Car is heavily modified for slalom and track use. started out as a stock 3.6 litre 5 speed x57 car, modifications, custom exhaust, hoosier slick tires, Wilwood brakes, suspension by owner, custom aluminum radiator, amuminum driveshaft, motor is set back in chassis, subframes are raised into body, interior is internally strengthened and crossbraced for rigidity, Atl fuel cell and fuel system, Motor is basically stock with AJ6 engineering computer and intake.
Dean A Cusano, farmington connecticut
Dean A Cusano, farmington connecticut

April 11, 2013
Michael Malone
Virginia Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2013-04-11
1993 XJS dhc with a factory 5 speed!

1993 XJS dhc with a factory 5 speed.....Great Fun!

October 10, 2012
Margie Amico
on Member * , forum user since 2012-06-20
2007 XJ8

Margie A.

September 9, 2012
LeVar Fraiser
North Georgia Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2012-09-09

August 12, 2012
Phillip Karam
Ottawa Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2008-10-08
XJS X200

1970 Adams Probe16.Caretaker of 1955 XK140fhc previously owned by William Heynes and Duncan Hamilton

August 7, 2011
Vars Smith
Jaguar Association of Central New York * , forum user since 2008-02-24
1990 XJS in action - June 26, 2011 Slalom

Into the turn with vigor!

August 1, 2011
Eastland Gray
Carolina Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2010-10-22
Carolina Jaguar Club Concours, July 2011

1991 XJ-S Classic Collection Red Conv
Fayetteville, NC

March 26, 2011
Harold Lewis Miles
Jaguar Aficionados of Greater Buffalo * , forum user since 2011-03-26
My very first Lady from Coventry! 1987 XJ-S Coupe - 5.3L V-12

I searched for over a year looking for just the perfect XJ-S. Up and down the Atlantic seaboard through Dixie back west and north. My profession requires travel and patience. I took advantage of this when I could and became familiar with this special breed of cat. Still nothing jumped out at me. I wanted a coupe (structural integrity)and pre-facelift class, (chrome, chrome, CHROME)!
I've had a love affair with automobiles all my life and enjoyed so many. If you check in the album you will see some of them. All American made and each and everyone I eventually changed, a few radically! I'm an engineering addict. I can't stop myself from tinkering and altering my shiny lovers and not always for the best!
I finally had a nibble, a red 84' hiding in Brooklyn somewhere. (via E-Bay). I arranged to see and possibly liberate her on a Saturday in late May. That Friday just before my Dear wife was still diligently searching the web and Bang!! 11:00 PM she trips over a new posting (E-Bay again) and It was only 20 miles away! (The City was over 450) I met my future kitten the next morning and she blew me away. A beautiful, pampered survivor owned by an aging former Marine just like me. He was near 80, vision going and wanted a good home for his dear pet. He acquired her from the original owner in Arizona 20 years before. The single fault he noted was a loss of performance the last few years. She was logy and unresponsive when tested but I could care less - IT WAS A JAGUAR!!! I couldn't get the funds transferred fast enough convinced I had basically robbed this poor man. I drove my new Lady home and all was right with the world! She has been my love and everyday driver ever since. After getting over the "its new and beautiful, but what if"? syndrome I began to tempt fate, on the Thruway, clear back roads, I490, anywhere I could wind the V-12 up a little bit She began to really get snappy! The more I pushed the better she ran!! She liked it! The last five years before me she clocked less than 4K miles, I put nearly 10K on the first summer and loved every second. Needless to say things began to give out. Nothing major but the signs were evident. Just as most owners predicted and exactly according to my nefarious plan! Since my wife and friends, my Kids and associates all said to "take it easy, Its a work of art, you want it to be damaged???" Like an Alcoholic falling of the wagon after many years "It had Begun". The tools were scattered about once more, the late night research into what made her do this or that. How can I get more out of this part? Yep, after 25 years of keeping my promise to my wife, (no more tire smoke and exhaust thunder until the Kids are on their own! Yes, then you can find something, Ok)... She had promised too!
The Cat awaits the 5 speed conversion as I peck this out. The exhaust is altered and sweet! The ignition and fuel delivery systems efficiency is way up. I found a 1975 pre-HE V-12 with those lovely flat heads and low compression spec at 7.8:1 (and it has less than 54K on the clock!!!). It just screams for my deft touch at porting and polishing. The oversized valves are ordered and the Cams as well. I'll spend next winter in my shop designing a progressive installation of two remotely located turbochargers, intercooler methanol/water injectors and all the related majic stuff but under the boot. (yep, the boot..) GOD I"M SO VERY HAPPY!!!
That said my fellow Jaguar Junkies, I know the purists are having seizures so just let them know, I'm not a Lump Humper, that is a V-12 not a small block Chevy with a roots blower. For several years now all I have heard about or read is making real power with this British boat anchor is too expensive or too difficult. Kiss my Scottish-Welsh butt you sniveling Chevy losers, nothing sounds as sweet as 12 cylinders warming up!

Just wait till' they get a load of Me...and her!



December 5, 2010
* , forum user since 2004-10-26
1994 XJS 4.0L convertible, BRG, Southern California

June 10, 2010
Ken Racen
* , forum user since 2010-06-10
1995 Jaguar XJS, 60th Anniversary Celebration Edition.

1995 Jaguar XJS, 60th Anniversary Celebration Edition. She is a beautiful Carnival Red, with Ivory leather interior and Tan convertible top.

April 14, 2010
Ed Garces
* , forum user since 2004-05-05
1991 XJS

February 26, 2010
Cyn Mota
Jaguar Club of Tulsa * , forum user since 2010-02-26
xjs v12

DRIVE A LEGEND! 1986 V12 XJS BOX-STOCK with an extra V-12 and GM400 Tranny Stock wrapped on pallett

February 8, 2010
Malcolm Barit
Jaguar Club of Houston * , forum user since 2003-10-15
'95 XJS Convertible

Malcolm Barit
'95 XJS "topless"

July 26, 2009
Alexander J Alvarez
Gulf Coast Jaguar Club * , forum user since 2009-02-22
AJAZ 1996 JAG XJS 4.0/ 6Cyl

AJAZ 1996 JAG XJS 4.0/ 6 Cyl

Enter the link bellow to see more Pics at Picasa web albums
19th British Cars Show of New Orleans, LA. 2009

June 10, 2009
greg kenmuir
Jaguar Car Club of Victoria * , forum user since 2009-04-23
My new '88 XJ-S

1988 XJ-S V12
1990 XJ-S V12 Convertable
1996 VDP 4.0L Cdn
1997 XJ6 4.0L

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