JCNA Rally Program

Started By: Bill Streitenberger on 2004-10-26 12:23:36

I'm glad to see some interest being generated in the Rally program. TSD is a bit more challeging at times but the Monte Carlo can be as well.

The Monte Carlo is an excersice in map reading and timing. The Rally team is given the position of the check point (not GPS coordinates)and the time due in at the check point is dependant on the teams time out. The team must contend with a Stand-off point prior to each check point. The stand off can be used to kill time before heading to the check point. However once the team leaves the stand off heading for the check point the team may not stop, may not swerve, may not back up but must proceed to the check point.

I like the Monte Carlo Rally. We used to run some 8 and 12 hour Monte Carlo's but that was quite awhile ago. We would leave Goletta Calif at about 8 pm and end up in Las Vegas 12 hours later. Phew.

Have fun. this a great forum. keep it going.


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I like that format too. in fact Vintage Rally Inc who organizes a number of vintage rallies here in the US use that format, except that they give you directions. I didn't know it was called Monte Carlo rally. what I love... is that you can actually get to the stand off as fast as possible... out of a 90 minute legs, I'd usually end up with a 30 minute wait and the stand off :-)

Pascal Gademer
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... and a big advnatage is that it is much easier to setup for the club. I put together one TSD for our club 2 or 3 years ago, route recon and preparing the instrucitons take a lot of time. Much easier in a Monte Carlo...