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2004 Western States
posted 10/12/04

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Day 1 - Sept 13th
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Day 2- Sept 14th
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Day 3- Sept 14th
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Day 4- Sept 15th
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Concours - Rally - Slalom

Western States 2004 was a huge success!! Everyone we have talked to had a great time. We got a great compliment from Bill Strientenberger (JCNA President), he said "it was a very well thought out and planned event. It was fantastic!" In fact he suggested that maybe we should think AGM for sometime in the future.

Anyway, here's what took place:

SUNDAY - John/Liz Green and Mike/Susie Cady arrived at the Yarrow Hotel to find Glen/Karolyn Walden and Jim/Colleen Lissner from Seattle, Wa. Also Bernie/Roberta Mesco from Las Vegas. Mike, John, & Jim placed the reserved parking signs while it rained. Every attendee had a 'reserved parking sign' with their name and entry number on it. The hotel had roped off the whole north parking lot for us. It continued to rain until early morning.

MONDAY - What a beautiful day we woke up to. Liz Green and Linda Gardner greeted guests at the Registration Desk beginning at 8:30 am. They were joined by Susanne Burkett in the afternoon. Susie Cady, Susan Furner, and Fran Baxter manned the Hospitality Suite handing out 'goodie bags'. The 'goodie bags' (thanks to Susie Cady) were filled with Ben's cookies, coke products (thanks to Joy Hawkins), a Western States 2004 car badge, 2 lapel pins with the Western States logo along with discount coupons, maps of Park City and a tissue holder made by Kay Jennings. John Green, Keith Gardner, Dale Baxter, and Tim Furner were busy hanging up banners which were produced by club member John Evans. We even had one that said "Cats Corral" which was hung on the hotel over our parking area. Gary Lindstrom began taking pictures as people arrived. Zymol had a wash bay where cars were washed & professionally waxed everyday. Some of our guests Chuck/Sandy Imperatori from San Francisco club were out there all day long every day.

Mike Ramsey from Jaguar Inc. came with the one and only XK-180. What an amazing car…it's truly artwork on wheels. A journalist in Europe crashed the only other XK-180 2 weeks ago which makes this one worth 3-5 million. At 5:00 pm we had a welcome reception by the hotel pool. The food was to die for. Raspberry lamb with mustard sauce, smoked duck quesadilla, jalenpo chutney rollups, stuffed mushrooms, veggie dip, and dessert assortment. Jeff the chef and Allison from food services mingled with us. We were supposed to be done at 7:00 but everyone was having such a great time it ended around 9:00. The people were great and all had fun.

TUESDAY - What a beautiful day we woke up to. J and Kay Jennings were up early to hand out rally papers. 11 cars went on the JCNA Rally and 15 on the Scenic Rally. Of course some got lost, but what would a rally be without getting lost? No one wanted a divorce attorney at the end which is a first. Those who participated loved the ride. J and Kay worked many hours mapping out the route. Bob Green, Susan/Jamie Jennings helped at timing points. Skip Shields and son Steve won first place, Richard/Janet Stephens (Oregon) 2nd, and Mark, Max (navigator), Alex, and Jennifer Mammele won 3rd place. At 3:45 pm we boarded 2 buses and headed to Rice Eccles Statium - Olympic Museum. Bert Cherry and Dale Baxter were the MC's on the buses as they were Olympic volunteers. Our guests loved seeing the cauldron, Hoberman arch, fountain, and especially the 10 minute movie. Many people had tears in their eyes as they came out of the movie. It was impressive and we had many positive comments about the Olympic agenda & movie. We got back on the buses and went to a great dinner at Little America hosted by Ken Garff Jaguar. Robert Garff was our speaker. Mike Ramsey from Jaguar Inc. had the XK-180 for us to see as we were boarding the buses to go back to the hotel. All-in-all, a super day!

WEDNESDAY - at 9:00 am the JCNA Slalom began with Mike Cady, Jerry Parkhill (Canada), Rick Martin (Oregon), and Glen Hawkins having set up the course in the parking lot of Deer Valley. What a fantastic event sight…truly ideal in every respect. Rick brought the timing device thanks to Glen. Susan Cady, Sue Parkhill, Vicki Shields, Jan Whittlesey, and Liz Green marked the score sheets. Dave Boone and Dave Welsh (Welsh Ent - Stubenville, Oh) came to cheer on the racers. Racing Flags were courtesy of John Green while the music & P.A. system were supplied & manned by Mark Mammele.

Terry Sturgeon (Canada) was 1st over all 45.84 sec., Glen Enright (Or) 2nd 47.97 sec., Tim Furner 3rd 48.62 sec. There were 21 entrants. Those in our club who won in their classes: John Green 2nd, Mark Mammele 1st, Haruo Miyagi 2nd, Skip Shields 2nd, Tim Furner 1st, John Evans 2nd. It was another beautiful day. We had lunch at Deer Valley Lodge. It was an amazing sandwich buffet with all kinds of meat, breads, condiments, homemade potato chips, cookies and brownies. So far we have gained 10 pounds and we are only into this 2 ½ days. Ken Garff Jaguar brought up an XK8L and a XK8 for those who wanted to go for a test drive. The XK-180 was there but only to covet.

We had our Theme Dinner at the hotel at 7:00 pm with Steve and Rhondalee Paskin entertaining us with 'Cowboy' music. They were great! Remarkably talented people. We were able to have our picture taken with Roy Rogers and the Duke (John Wayne) thanks to Susie Cady who arranged for them to be with us. Our esteemed photographer was Gary Lindstrom . Gary kept a live photo presentation going for both Wed. & Thurs. night dinners showing all event happenings and candid photos. We have cd's and dvd's for sale. We had a fabulous western buffet from Jeff the hotel chef. Least I forget, the Western Wear (or costumes) presented by some were really in the spirit of the night…just great!

THURSDAY - What a beautiful day again. Keith Gardner and Dale Baxter began placing cars on the lawn at the Homestead around 8:00 am. We ended up with about 65 cars. Our own club provided some of the best cars. Art/Martha Pasker's 1950 MK-V, Randy/Debbie Aagaard's 1934 SS1 tourer, Gary Walkingshaw's 1960 MK-9, Joe/Judy Todd's 1959 MK-9, Darrell/Geri Meyer's 1960 Mark-2, and Richard/Karen Meyer's 1968 420G. There were several XKE's, XJS's, XK-120's, XK-140's, XK-150's, 1 S-Type R, XJ-'s, XK-8's , one X-Type and the XK-180.

After lunch we gave out trophies. Those in our club who won are:

DRIVEN: Bert/Sandee Cherry 2nd, Matt Sell 2nd, Bob/Jeri Herold 3rd, Annette McDonough 2nd, John/Dulcie Evans 1st both cars.

CHAMPION: Randy/Debbie Aagaard 1st, 2nd, 1st, Art/Martha Pasker 1st, Glen/Joy Hawkins 3rd, John/Liz Green 1st, Richard/Karen Meyer 1st, Darrell/Geri Meyer 1st, Dave/Debbi Hobson 1st, John/Liz Green 3rd, Tim/Susan Furner 2nd, J/Kay Jennings 2nd, Jeff/Marilyn Perkins 1st, and Susanne Burkett 2nd.

Our club did awesome don't you think????? We had two of our out-of-state members come to the concours. Bob/Jeri Herold from MO. and Matt Sell from Boise, ID. It was fun to meet them. Bill Streitenberger graciously served as 'Chief Judge' with about 24 volunteer judges. Runners were Mike & Amanda Powers & Jennifer Mammele. Great job one and all! That night at the hotel we had our awards banquet. The dining room looked elegant. We had salmon and sirloin tips as a main course. Again the food was to die for.

Two special awards were given at the banquet. Art/Martha Pasker got Judges Choice and Chuck/Sandy Imperatori (San Francisco) got Best of Show. These trophies were out of this world. I have to say at this point how awesome all of the trophies were. J Jennings designed them and worked many many hours putting them together (with the help of Kay). You will need to look at one to really see how great they turned out. Many compliments have been made and are still being made about them. Welsh Enterprises was the host for the trophies. We very much appreciate their support.

FRIDAY - Two delegates from each of the clubs met before breakfast to decide where Western States 2006 will be. Oregon is the place. Then Bill Strietenberger talked for a few minutes. Breakfast was casual and the keys to "Sparky" were given to John Green. To see a picture of "Sparky" look in your last Jag Journal. Otherwise we invite all of you who didn't make it to Western States 2004 to come to our next few events as he will be there to meet you.

Farewells and good bye's were said and it was all over. Wasatch Mountain Jaguar Register hosted a very successful Western States 2004. Some thought it couldn't be done, but we did it and we did a great job at that!!!


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History of the Western States

By Bill Streitenberger


1964 The First joint meeting of three West Coast clubs; Jaguar Associates Group, Jaguar Driver's Club of Northwest America and the Jaguar Owner's Club of Oregon, met at Medford, Oregon with 45 Jaguars and 90 participants who rallied and toured to Crater Lake.

1965 The same three clubs joined in September of this year at Coos Bay, Oregon for a three-day meet with JDC/NWA as host club. Dunebuggy rides; a salmon bake and beach bonfire were enjoyed.

1966 Called "Tri-State Meet" for the first time the three clubs met at Bend, Oregon, JOCO was host at the Thunderbird Inn. Saturday was ended with midnight swim and Sunday featured a tour of Century Drive.

1968 This meet included more than the three clubs and set the tempo for future meets. JAG hosted the event at Holiday Lodge in Reno, Nevada, San Diego, San Jose and Reno joined in for a total of 51 Jags. Events included a rally, autocross, spot concours, banquet and a tour of Harrah's car collection.

1970 In June the fifth meet was held at the County Squire near Eugene, Oregon and was hosted by JOCO. The program included a Concours d'Elegance, an autocross and a beauty contest. For the First Time, the name "Western States Meet" was used.

1972 JDC/NWA was again the host club at Sunriver Lodge near Bend, Oregon with a total of 77 Jaguars participating in a Concours d'Elegance. A midnight rally and gymkhana on the streets of Bend were highlights of the weekend.

1974 This meet was held at Konocti Harbor Inn, Clear Lake, California, JAG the host Club, entertained 185 participants (91 cars) with gymkhana, a rally, concours and wine tour. Seven clubs were represented at this largest of meets to date.

1976 The JOCO welcomed 149 Jaguars to Blue Lake Park in Portland for a concours and then gathered at Portland international Raceway for gymkhana and autocross. A swap shop, a rally and tour to Bonneville Dam and Mt. Hood, rounded out this event for 300 people representing nine clubs.

1978 Hosted by the Jaguar Owners Club of Los Angeles at Lake Tahoe. About 125 Jaguars registered at the Hyatt Lake Tahoe to enjoy concours, mountain rally, gymkhana and surely the greatest Saturday night party ever at the Ponderosa Ranch. The beginning of the Western States Meet theme night, a Western theme night, big hats, pointy boots and everything else that went in between them. Sunday brunch wound up the activities.

1980 The 10th Western Meet States was hosted by the JDC/NWA in the setting of the Inn of the Seventh Mountain in Bend, Oregon, A Medieval Madcap theme made this meet memorable. A concours d'Elegance, rally, slalom and krazyhana were scheduled, then the grand finale of Medieval Feast.

1982 The Jaguar Associate Group hosted in Carson City, Nevada. The Governor of Nevada declared that week "National Jaguar Week ". Dinner was at the Governor's mansion, followed the next day by a Concours d'Elegance on the State grounds. A tour of Harrah's Auto Collection, rally and slalom were also included.

1984 Back to Bend, Oregon and the Inn of the Seventh Mountain, hosted by JOCO. The theme was "Puffin' on the Ritz 'a la 1930's" It was super event that included concours, rally, slalom, funkhana and two terrific banquets. All that, surrounded by the spectacular scenery of Oregon.

1986 The Canadian XK Jaguar Register hosted the event for the first time. It was held in Whistler, B.C a resort town about 90 miles north of Vancouver. The rain didn't dampen the sprits of the approximately 250 people with over 100 cars. The theme was the "Fabulous Fifties ". The event was highlighted by a trip to Expo "86 in Vancouver.

1988 "A Salute to Old California "was the theme; the site was Monterey, California's first capital. Hosted by JOC/LA, the event was attended by 130 people with 60 Jaguars, and featured a concours held on the historic plaza, a rally through the hills of Monterey County, slalom, and funkhana, and an opportunity to drive around the famed Laguna Seca Raceway at speed. The finale was a costumed theme banquet.

1990 The 15th Western States Meet. At Elkhorn Resort in Sun Valley, Idaho, the JDRC/NWA presented "A Shakespearean Festival ". The five day festivities, in addition to the concours, awards dinner and rally, included an autocross and individual tournaments at gold, tennis, KRC model XJR9 races etc. Awards for these tourneys were given at the final brunch.

1992 The Jaguar Associate Group hosted at the Cal-Neva Lodge, Lake Tahoe. Participants numbered 130. The concours was held on a fragrant cushion of pine needles, rallyists climbed across the Sierra to a finish at Donner Summit to enjoy a slalom and funkhana. The theme of the dinner/dance was the "Elegant Twenties"

1994 JOCO again gave Western States clubs the opportunity to enjoy the Inn of the Seventh Mountain at Bend, Oregon. Attendance was 185 strong. A" Concours on the Lawn " arrayed 105 Jaguars. The rally wound up with a barbecue lunch at Mt. Bachelor, Slalom and funkhana. "Under the Big Top "was the theme of the last night banquet; JOCO members entertained with circus acts and carnival games.

1996 Jaguar Owner Club of Southern California hosted this Concours in Napa, California. Participants in attendance were 150 with concours held on grounds at Veteran's Home of California. Rally ended at Slalom and funkhana location. The theme night for '96 was "Lilly Langtree" with Wild Boar barbecue dinner served at Guenoc Winery in Napa Valley.

1998 The Canadian XK Jaguar register hosted the second in Canada event, at Victoria, British Columbia. The concours was held in a park by the hotel. The rally ended with a dinner and a lumberman's' show, the banquet was a "British Pub Night" Jaguar clubs of North America designated this event as a special " 50th Anniversary of XK Sports Cars "and awarded a unique series of trophies.

1990 The 20th Western States Meet JDRC/NWA hosted the 20th Western States meet in Leavenworth, Washington. The five-day event was highlighted by a rally through the beautiful mountain scenery, the slalom, and the concours held on the green lawns of Mt Springs Lodge. JDRC/NWA club members bravely presented the theme for this event, "A Preview of the 20th Century"

2002 Hosted by Jaguar Associates Group and San Diego Jaguar Club, in Northstar Lake Tahoe. With 55 Jaguars registered the concours, Western States slalom, and funkhana were held in the upper parking area and a time-speed-distance rally. After the rally that evening's dinner had a "Salute to Hollywood Musical" theme. Friday morning brought Western States 2002 to its conclusion with a farewell breakfast.

2004 Hosted by the Wasatch Mountain Jaguar Register, in Park City Utah. With 60 + Jaguars and 143 + participants. A JCNA Slalom, and JCNA Rally was part of the schedule. And 58 Jaguars were judged at the JCNA Concours. After the slalom that evening's dinner had a "Western Theme" night with western music. Thursday the Concours was held on the grounds of The Homestead Hotel. Friday morning brought Western States 2004 to a close with the traditional farewell breakfast.

2006 Hosted by the Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon (JOCO), in……