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Looking for XJS specialty shop

started by Robert Purves, 8 posts, last on Sep 1 - 9:02 by Robert Purves
mounting 4.2 engine on engine stand

started by William Rischan, 4 posts, last on Sep 1 - 6:51 by joseph limongelli
door pull strap

started by George R. Parker, 1 posts, last on Aug 31 - 21:51 by
Ignition Light control on Series 1 1/2 is shorted

started by John Kerlish, 4 posts, last on Aug 31 - 19:15 by joseph limongelli
Battery and Steering wheel
(General Discussion)

started by Thomas Matt, 1 posts, last on Aug 31 - 12:44 by
Need shocks but what kind?? 97 Jag xj6L
(XJ Saloons)

started by Dee Jensen, 8 posts, last on Aug 31 - 11:31 by Dee Jensen
XKE Differential Spacing

started by David Kiefer, 2 posts, last on Aug 30 - 22:53 by William Rischan
Did the alternator just go out?

started by Peter, 22 posts, last on Aug 30 - 15:37 by Alan Barclay
Brake Led Lights

started by Gordon Joczik, 14 posts, last on Aug 29 - 15:46 by Gordon Joczik
Lubbock Texas area club
(General JCNA Issues)

started by Tony Wilkins, 3 posts, last on Aug 29 - 11:57 by Thomas Matt