The New Jaguar XJ

Jaguar Club of Florida members were invited to a party at our local dealership, Collier Jaguar, to "paw" two of the new Jaguar XJs that were on display.

Guests were treated to a lovely catered buffet and there was much abuzz about the new models. The beautiful cars were ours all evening. Have you been reading about the new models? Does 510 hp sound good? Bet it does ...literally! Do look into it.

I haven't got a full review for you since there was no test drive. There are some excellent reviews already out there. But as a Jaguar fan, seeing them first hand brings to life all the photo and video previews....these are stunning Jaguars. Sitting in the phenominal interior is an experience. The technology is unparalleled.

Now, if someone would just open that showroom door!