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Club Information

The JDRC/NWA was formed from the 1989 merger of the Jaguar Driver's Club of Northwest America, originally formed in 1958, and the XK Restoration Club, formed in April of 1971.

The club was formed by Boeing engineers and their wives, but has recently acquired a major contingent from local software companies such as Microsoft.

JDRC/NWA membership of greater than 150 is concentrated around Seattle in western Washington State, but members range all along the west coast from Alaska to the north to California in the south.

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- Upcoming Club Events -
Date &
St Club, Event
& Location
Contact or Event Chair
August 8, 2015

WA Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of NWA
Jaguars On the Green
The Le May America's Car Museum
2702 E. D Street, Tacoma
Ray Papineau 420 240th St. SE.
Bothell, WA 98021
  The 2015 "Jaguars On the Green" will again be staged on the grass in the shadow of The Le May, America's Car Museum. Start the weekend with a hosted Reception on Friday at the Best Western Tacoma Dome Hotel, just a block from the Le May Museum. Attend the Awards Banquet Saturday evening after parking your Jaguar in the reserved covered parking at the Best Western Tacoma Dome Hotel. A special "Jaguars On the Green" lodging rate will also be available. Visit our web site and for registration forms and all the details which will be posted soon.

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- Club Image Gallery-
April 19, 2013
jack miller
1960 XK-150

May 8, 2011
Fred Lund
Fred and Guy's Northwest Jaguars
1997 XK8

August 18, 2008
Don Preiser
1988 XJ40
Our 1988 XJ40 at Mt. Rainier Aug 12, 2008
JDRC/NWA Annual run to Paradise Lodge, Mt. Rainier, Aug 10, 2008

September 12, 2007
Dwight Curtiss
2006 XJR - Platinum Sliver
2006 XJR
1990 XJ-S Convertible - Collection Classic

June 14, 2007
Don Preiser
1988 XJ40 Saloon BRG
Pitt Meadows BC Canada 6-2-07

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1 JAN26, 2008 MDM Upholstery Tech Session Dwight Curtiss February 5, 2008 - 16:22
1 Tech Session - Sept 23, 2007 Dwight Curtiss September 17, 2007 - 20:03


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- Sanctioned Event Results -
Date Type Event Name
August 9, 2014 Concours Jaguars on the Green
August 10, 2013 Concours Jaguars on the Green
August 11, 2012 Concours Jaguars on the Green
August 6, 2011 Concours Jaguars on the Green
August 14, 2010 Concours Jaguars on the Green
August 8, 2009 Concours Jaguars on the Green
August 9, 2008 Concours Jaguars on the Green
September 9, 2007 Slalom JDRC/NWA Slalom
September 8, 2007 Concours jaguar drivers & restorers club ofnorthw
October 9, 2006 Slalom JDRC/NWA Slalom
September 9, 2006 Concours JDRC/NWA concours
September 10, 2005 Concours jaguar Drivers & restorers club of North
June 12, 2005 Slalom JDRC/NWA
July 24, 2004 Concours JDRC/NWA CONCOURS de ELEGANCE
June 19, 2004 Slalom 2004 JDRC/NWA Slalom
September 7, 2003 Slalom Slalom
September 6, 2003 Concours Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of NW
June 29, 2003 Slalom JDRC/NA Slalom
November 9, 2002 Rally JDRC November Rally
October 13, 2002 Slalom JDRC/NWA regional sanctioned slalom
October 13, 2002 Rally JDRC/NWA Fall Rally
September 14, 2002 Concours Annual Concours
September 8, 2002 Slalom JDRC/NWA club sactioned slalom
July 21, 2001 Concours Concours
December 31, 1969 Concours

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July 21, 2001, Concours

Class Pl. Name JCNA # Car ScoreEntrant's Club
   C02 1stJerry PurkhiserNW-41-214771953 Brg Xk120 Fhc 99.62 JDRC
   C03 1stMark AdamsNW-42-277931957 Red Xk140mc Ots 99.94 CXKJR
   C05 1stMark & Kathleen DellplainNW-41-146531967 Brg E-type Ots 99.9 JDRC
   C05 1stDon & Joyce JoyNW-41-214711964 Red E-type Ots 99.9 JDRC
   C05 2ndJon & Elaine JohnsonNW-41-JOHNSO1967 Red E-type Ots 99.63 JDRC
   C06 1stPeter & Mardi DawsonSW-04-113291968 Brg E-type 2+2 99.83 JDRC
   C07 1stGeoff & Judy PickardNW-41-269581972 Silver E-type Ots 98.76 JDRC
   C07 2ndDave LevanNW-41-341841971 Black E-type Coupe 97.41 JDRC
   C11 1stSteve & Nancy AverillNW-41-283281976 Green Sand Xj6c 99.48 JDRC
   C11 2ndTerry & Barb McmichaelNW-41-41441977 Signal Red Xj6c 99.18 JDRC
   C12 1stGregory AndrachukNW-42-254831988 Crimson Red Xj12 99.84 CXKJR
   C12 2ndSteve ShahbaghlianNW-41-337931986 Sand Xj6 99.5 JDRC
   C12 3rdDick & Toni MonroeNW-41-061091987 Alpine Green Xj6 99.44 JDRC
   C13 1stBill & Janice LudwigNW-41-214721996 Titanium Xj6 99.72 JDRC
   C13 2ndJan SeferianNW-41-260911996 Red Xj6 Vdp 99.56 JDRC
   C16 1stBruce & Pat MaccormackNW-41-221531966 Blue E-type Coupe 99.88 JDRC
   C16 2ndArt DickensonNW-44-345591983 Silver Xjs 99.8 PJEG
   C16 3rdPamela AllenNW-41-275511987 Black Xjs Convertible 98.55 JDRC
   D01 1stGlen & Karolyn WaldenNW-41-041791954 Brg Xk120 Fhc 9.99 JDRC
   D01 2ndBill NicholsNW-41-316811959 Red Xk150 Ots 9.79 JDRC
   D02 1stMartin & Moira OldfieldNW-41-336871967 Brg E-type Ots 9.97 JDRC
   D02 2ndPatrick HartNW-41-HART1967 Gold E-type Ots 9.96 JDRC
   D02 3rdRon EricksonNW-41-320141962 Blue E-type Ots 9.94 JDRC
   D02 Forrest BaileyNW-41-294291966 Gray E-type Ots 9.92 JDRC
   D02 Carl NordstromNW-41-046791966 Silver E-type Coupe 9.56 JDRC
   D03 1stAlan ThompsonNW-41-314051970 Brg E-type 2+2 9.95 JDRC
   D03 2ndR DenverNW-41-340031969 Primrose E-type Ots 9.85 JDRC
   D04 1stGerald GehringNW-41-340071973 Fern Gray E-type Ots 9.89 JDRC
   D06 1stRoy & Sheila PringleNW-41-245601985 Antelope Xj6 9.97 JDRC
   D06 2ndJoan GleadleNW-41-149151985 Blue Xj6 9.95 JDRC
   D06 3rdDoug DwyerNW-41-341871987 Crimson Red Xj6 9.94 JDRC
   D06 Jim WrightNW-41-29949Series 3 Xj6 9.82 JDRC
   D07 1stGeorge & Joan ReevesNW-41-336851990 Gray Sovereign 9.96 JDRC
   D08 1stStephen ChristensenNW-41-336841990 Red Xjs Ots 9.94 JDRC
   D08 2ndTom Marchioro & Allison MayNW-41-328761990 Blue Xjs Ots 9.9 JDRC

- Club Contact Information -

Mailing Address :

PO Box 544
Mercer Island , WA 98044 , USA

General Info: call any contact below

President : Kurt Jacobson
Phone: 253-927-7715
Vice President :
Vice President : Bob Book (Tech)
Phone: 253-939-6910
Treasurer : John Holmes
Phone: 425-456-1826
Secretary : Rob Roe
Phone: 425-747-5766
Editor : Tanya Book
Phone: 253-939-6910
Webmaster : David Massy
Concours Chair : Ray Papineau
Phone: 425 483 9641
Membership : Rosemarie Young
Phone: 425 641-7529
Chief Judge : Zane A Ware
Phone: 206 650-3190
Traveler Contact :
Slalom Chair : Steve Christensen
AGM Delegate :
AGM Delegate :